National Breastfeeding Awareness Week

In 1992, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action began celebrating World Breastfeeding Week- which was a week in August designed to highlight all aspects of breastfeeding. Each year, the week is celebrated with a different focus and theme. In past years, they have covered healthcare systems, women and work, the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes, community support, ecology, economy, science, education, and human rights. In 2018, the World Health Assembly resolutions endorsed World Breastfeeding Week as an important breastfeeding promotional and educational strategy.

In past years, the focused theme of World Breastfeeding Week has been:

  • 2017: Working Together for the Common Good
  • 2018: Familial Growth and Development
  • 2019: Empowering Parents

This year, the World Breastfeeding Week theme is the impact of breastfeeding on the environmental and economic standpoint. WABA recognizes that in every country, breastfeeding is acknowledged in different ways and they attempt to offer up information in a variety of ways to enlighten those in every country who want more information about breastfeeding.

For those companies working to empower their employees or area where they are based, WABA has created resource packets that can be used by individuals or groups to help spread the word and facts about breastfeeding. These action folders include very expansive resources lists, challenges faced, and solutions to help work through issues people may be facing in their area.

To help spread the word about World Breastfeeding Week and the work that WABA is doing, they have asked that people take “the pledge,” which asks those that pledge to help spread the word via any and all social media platforms during World Breastfeeding week. To do this, simply share posts and articles from WABA or another breastfeeding positive organization, along with the following hashtags:

  • #WBW2020
  • #WABA
  • #worldbreastfeedingweek2020
  • #SDGs
  • #breastfeeding

WABA appreciates all of those who help spread the word about breastfeeding across the globe!

Resources Used:

Reclaiming Intimacy

World Breastfeeding

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