Red Ribbon Week

The National Family Partnership was first established in 1980 as a grassroots, nonprofit organization by a handful of worried parents who believed that they should have more of a leadership role in the war to empower children about drugs and drug prevention. Since the creation nearly forty years ago, they have been devoted to increasing education about drugs, and empowering youth today with advocacy and leading the nation and all of the communities within about the full potential of living a drug free life.

Why did these parents’ step in?

The parents stepped in to help create a better environment after the murder of a DEA agent, Enrique Camarena. This agent who was lovingly known as “KiKi” was a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who worked tirelessly to rid drugs from his area and teach youth better ways of life. Because of his hard work and horrid murder, the red ribbon began being worn both in his memory, and as a visual identifier for those parents who were taking a stand against drugs.

Now, the National Family Partnership and its ever-growing network of organizations and individuals still deliver his messages of hope to millions of people through the National Red Ribbon Campaign.

What does the National Family Partnership do?

The NFP business model revolves around community, and these things:

  • Awareness. The NFP educates the public as well as sponsors the yearly National Red Ribbon Campaign™. Since 1985, the Red Ribbon has touched the lives of countless individuals around the world. This organization now strives to “serve as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate their youth and encourage participation in all drug prevention activities.
  • Resources. The NFP acts as a clearinghouse for all national prevention materials and they have developed a series of prevention brochures to help educate new partners who join the campaign. These campaigns are also connected to the Red Ribbon: Red Ribbon Campaign, Red ribbon Certified Schools, Lock Your Meds, and Safe Home/Safe Parties.
  • Advocacy. The National Family Partnership also works to actively help enforce policy markers on state, local and national levels. For those who join the NFP, they have the ability to access the nation’s leaders and decision makers when it comes to the Red Ribbon Campaign.

Yearly Themes

Each year there is a theme and in 2020, the theme is “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free” (NFP, 2020). This mission is designed to encourage families, children and the community to live happier, healthier and drug-free lives. It also acts as a reminder that all people have a say in how their communities thrive and function. It takes positivity, bravery and strength to shape the future!

The information within this article is solely to spread awareness on the Red Ribbon campaign and information is from the campaign directly.

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