Couples Foreplay: Sensations & Lubrications

For some couples, connecting again after a stressful or chaotic time in their lives can be very challenging- especially when it comes down to intimacy, foreplay, or sexual acts. More challenging to be facing down the likes of cancer, or other body-altering illnesses that steal their sexual abilities and normal “routine” intimacy. Aside from the mental blocks and setbacks these issues can cause, the physicality of relearning your body, or your partners, can also pose certain roadblocks.

Often after surgical intervention for major medical illnesses, the body does not respond the same way to pleasureful stimuli in the same places that it did before. This can be very disheartening for people and create a fear that they will never be able to be intimate or have sexual intercourse again. These thoughts are simply not true! While our bodies may not reciprocate pleasure they way it did prior to surgery, there are numerous pleasure-paths around the body and special devices made that can help to “re-ignite” these feelings. Reconnecting as a couple is often more difficult than finding new pleasure points around your body!

Four Play Kit

Consider opting to try this wonderful set of small probes with vibrator specially designed for couples’ intimate play time! Evolved’s Four Play kit offers three different shaped and textured probes, with a seven-speed bullet vibrator that can be inserted in to any of the probes. These probes are designed to stimulate the g-spot, p-spot, promotes dual orgasms, clitoral stimulation, and more. This bullet can be charged via USB and is submersible safe- meaning it can be used under water.

Why is vibration the key? Gentle vibration helps our tense, tired muscles relax. Around our sensitive genital areas, these types of gentle vibration can help erase the anxiety that can build for some when interacting with their own, or others’, genitals. Vibration also provides a variety of different sensations over the body. Oftentimes, varying the sensations over the body can provide and heighten stimulation, pleasure, and sensitivity.

Wicked Simply Hybrid Lubrication

Along with the Couples Fore Play kit, a high-quality lubrication should also be used to ensure that the fragile and delicate skin of the genitals is not met with friction, or end with friction tears. Wicked’s Sensual Care Simply Hybrid lubrication is, like all the Simply line, is made without glycerin, propylene glycol, or parabens, and are vegan and cruelty-free. Enhanced with natural extracts like Olive leaf, a natural biostatic, that inhibits the spread and growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Reclaiming Intimacy offers numerous high-quality, natural lubrication varieties.

If you are your partner have hit a roadblock when working towards reconnecting sexually after medical chaos, do not hesitate to reach out to our Reclaiming Intimacy experts for direction, guidance, and to learn some tips!

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