Methods & Notes on Ending Anorgasmia

Methods & Notes on Ending Anorgasmia 


Anorgasmia is the condition in which a person cannot orgasm, or the inability to orgasm. Xanet Pailet is an expert in the field and gave a brief seminar on anorgasmia and the different things women can do to help ease symptoms and eventually learn to find pleasure. She now works to help her patients find pleasure and live up to their personal orgasmic potential.  

Pailet also believes heavily in Tantra, which is an ancient spiritual practice that links our beings with our sexuality, emotionally to energetically. Deriving from the 12th century, Tantra and tantric intimacy focus on slowing down and truly focusing on yourself and your partner when in any act of intimacy or love making.  

“Tantra is the intersection of high arousal and high isolation.” Pailet 

Pailet teaches women to get to know their bodies, yoni’s and vulva by any means necessary. Many women are not fully educated on more than the high school biology textbooks tell them about their bodies, which is why there is a sexual disconnect with women in the United States and around the world. For example, many women are not aware of the make-up of their clitoris, or what it does. Here are some facts on the clitoris that Pailet teaches her clients:  

  • The clitoris has as many nerve endings as the penis. 
  • Seventy-five percent of the clitoris is internal, or inside of the body. 
  • The external clitoris is covered by the hood. 
  • There are clitoral legs that run the length of the inner labia. 
  • The urethral sponge is a very erogenous zone and directly behind the pubic bone.  
  • The “G-spot” is the scared spot for orgasm, although women can orgasm over a dozen different ways. 
  • Opposite of the urethral sponge is the perineal sponge, which is equally as erogenous.  


Pailet encourages all of her clients to be open, be curious, and follow every new sensation to the end when you are experiencing intimacy and pleasure time with your self or partner. Breath into each feeling and use breath control to help keep a handle on your respiratory rate.  


She suggests that women take action and get to know their bodies via self-discovery and masturbation. Using a high-quality device like the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Revitalize vibrating dilator set not only helps you to maintain your vaginal and pelvic floor muscle health, but also stimulates and provides pleasure-filled feelings as well.  

To read more from Xanet Pailet, simply click on the link of her book title in the Resources Used below. 



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