Natural Solutions to Health & Sex Issues with Notes from Michael Murray, ND

Natural Solutions to Health & Sex Issues with Notes from Michael Murray, ND 


While there are many medically based solutions for sexual issues that many people face, Naturopath doctor Michael Murray states you should always begin with natural remedies and fixes. Murray states that fining the root causes for many systemic issues and illnesses can help to alleviate some of all of the sexual symptoms many people face.  

“There are no real simple answers to good health or a good sex life.” MM 

On of the biggest contributors to sexual issues, says Murray, is lifestyle, attitude and diet with supplementation. Our lifestyle and attitude help to shape the decisions and choices we make each and every day. Keeping a level emotional head and anxiety level is also important, as many things play into our emotional health as well. Murray states these things should be considered when dealing with unresolved emotional issues and anxiety.  

  • Food additives. These additives are known to trigger anxiety in many patients. Working to remove or lessen them from your diet can be beneficial for your mind and body alike. 
  • Blood sugar levels. If your blood sugars are constantly fluctuating this can wreak havoc inside of your body. Work on stabilizing your blood sugar levels- even if you are not diabetic or have pre-diabetes.  
  • Nutrient deficiency. More commonly, people lack specific vitamins and minerals in their diet which can help or hinder the way the body and organ systems work with each other.  
  • Anxiety Medications. According to Murray, all anxiety medications are counterproductive for the libido and sex life.  
  • EMDR therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. You can read more about it in our exclusive “EMDR Therapy Techniques” article.  

“The feminine heart is the true aphrodisiac for women & their libido.” 

Murray also works with numerous female patients on performance anxiety and their fundamental needs, which he states, men still do not fully comprehend or understand. While many men boast of their erectile dysfunction, Murray reminds that our genitalia are made of the same homologous muscular make-up and women can face “ED” in their own right, as well.  

When certain body or medical issues step in on libido, it can often be linked to a lack of blood flow to a critical area of the body responsible for sexual arousal and intimacy. This could be anywhere from the brain, the vagus nerve, to the genitalia. Murray suggests that all of his patients lead a cardiovascular healthy lifestyle and diet to ensure that your blood flow is up to par.  

What type of Dietary Alterations does Murray suggest? 

Being a naturopath doctor, he often sides with more holistic approaches and alternatives for his patients. Here are some of his top natural tips and suggestions for his patients that he discussed within the Sexual Summit, which was held in the Fall of 2019.  

  • Diet: Add in natural erection and libido enhancers like nuts, seeds, and beet juice 
  • CBD Oil: Murray suggests adding a high-quality CBD oil with Terpenes to your diet. These terpenes can be selected to align with the issues you are facing and handling. Terpenes are natural oils that can have a different “specialty” much like nature essential oils do.  
  • For those with Herpes Simplex viruses: begin taking enzymes, specifically proteolytic enzymes, which can help control and breakdown the virus.  
  • Blood tests: He encourages his patients to have regular blood tests with checks on their ferritin levels. Ferritin levels are linked to general internal body inflammation and thinning body hair. 
  • For those with autoimmune issues: Consider adding a proteolytic enzyme to your regimen, but not before consulting with your primary care physician.  
  • For those on a gluten free diet: Understand that you will still be exposed to trace amounts of gluten, which- for those with Celiac disease, is enough to trigger an internal reaction. By taking enzymes like Gluteneze or DigestGold, this can help your body to better digest the gluten protein.  
  • Lubrication: Murray suggests using only natural lubrications for intimacy or sexual activity. He prefers nuts oils, or completely organic and chemical free options.  
  • Condoms: Safe sex is a must in today’s world, and Murray reminds that latex, even without an allergy, is a high-level allergen that has the potential to upset delicate skin. He suggests using polyisoprene condoms, which are absolutely safe and perfect for those with a known latex issue.  


These notes, tips and tricks compiled by Reclaiming Intimacy from Michael Murray, ND’s symposium given during the Sexual Summit in the Fall of 2019. Use the links in the Resources Used section below to get more information on or to connect with Michael Murray, or his books.  




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