Anal Sex: In the Beginning: The Three C's

Anal Sex: In the Beginning: The Three C’s 


When it comes to anal sex, prostate massage therapy, or anal play, it is always important to do your research prior to participating and have a general plan in mind. Anal play and prostate massage can be done alone, or with a partner. Anal sex is often seen as the “taboo” side of pleasure, but truth be told- the anal region of our bodies are filled with pleasure nerves as well! There are many points we will touch on here that should be discussed, worked out, or worked through before you begin.  

The Three C’s 

If you are planning your adventures with a partner, you will need to remember three very important things about anal play. The three C’s: communication, consent and collaboration. Communication plays a role in allowing people to express their wants, likes, dislikes, and hard nos. Communication also ensures that all involved parties know the pre-determined limits or boundaries put in place before the activities begin. Communicating before, during and after any type of anal play is not only vital to the moment, but also to the relationship. 

Consent is the next most important thing, especially when practicing anal adventures with a partner- which should also be used in any sexual encounter with another person. Consent means that both parties are aware and know what is going to be happening to them, on them, or coming at them- and they have given the okay for this act. Communication before, during and after any sexual event will help to ensure that consent remains in place, and all are aware of the happenings. Remember that consent about one act does not automatically give consent for another act that has not yet been communicated or discussed openly.  

The final C stands for collaboration. Collaboration in itself means to work together towards a goal- among other things. In intimacy, collaboration simply means to be in touch with yourself or your partner. In self play, we collaborate with our own bodies and genitalia to accept and find our hidden pleasures. With a partner, collaboration means you work together to create a plan or work through actions that provide and fill the needs of each other. The best collaboration with partners happens after you have gotten to know and fully accept yourself, and your needs.  

By following the “three C’s” when you begin anal play, you ensure that all parties and participants are on board and ready for whatever comes next.  


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