Masturbation 101

Masturbation 101 


Masturbation. Just what is the deal with it? Why is it so taboo? How could something that our bodies are designed to do and feel be touted as a bad thing? How can touching your own body be labeled vulgar or disgusting? In this article, we will dive in to those details, facts, and various methods of masturbation.  

Masturbation, or self-discovery as well call it to avoid “the looks,” is one of the easiest, fastest, and best ways to get to know your body and the pleasure that it seeks. Masturbation is simply the touching or rubbing of one’s genitalia in a way that incites pleasure or euphoric feelings. This can be done alone, or with a partner, and with or without devices, vibrators, or other instruments of pleasure. While masturbation is typically done directly to the genitalia or general area, this can also be done to non-erogenous zones around the body.  

One of the biggest benefits to masturbation is that it also strengthens the pelvic floor for males and females alike. A strong pelvic floor helps with incontinence issues (both bladder and bowel), increases abdominal and pelvic muscle strength, and helps to increase orgasm potential and power. For females, doing regular pelvic floor exercises also ensures that they do not face organ prolapse in their lifetime. Some other helpful points about masturbation are: 

  • Reduced period cramps and pain. This type of stimulation not only gets the heart pumping and awakens the body, but also helps to reduce menstrual cramps and pains that are associated their period. The pleasure sensations that occur during masturbation are the “happy chemicals” which help to ease and control cortisol, emotion, and general happiness.  
  • Helps with relaxation. Those who masturbate often find themselves in a mellow state of numb after the act.  
  • Promotes better sleep time. Masturbation can help to make sleep sounder and more constant in the nighttime hours. Consider taking your self-pleasuring adventures with you to bed! 
  • Increases self-esteem and body image outlook. By spending time with our bodies in personal space and settings, this allows us to get to know what we like, dislike, and need. Having a good self-view helps with every aspect of life, including your love life.  


Masturbation Alternatives for More Pleasure 

Here are some of the beneficial additions or alternative methods for masturbation that can increase your overall pleasure.  

Use a lubrication. Using a lubrication helps to create a friction barrier, making skin or devices glide smoothly over sensitive areas. Lubrication can be beneficial during masturbation because the rate of friction applied to the genitals can be intense. Lubrication helps to ensure that the skin stays pliable, moist, and can help to avoid tiny fissures (small tears) in the skin.  

Use a stimulating gel or crème. Stimulating gels or cremes are designed to help increase blood flow to the area where applied. There are many male stimulation cremes, as well as clitoral stimulators for females. They come in a wide variety of “styles” like warming, cooling, and tingling. Always be sure to test new stimulating products on an area of your body, like the wrist or neck, before putting it on your genitalia.  

Add in a therapeutic aid or sexual device. The addition of a stimulation device- whether for texture or vibration- brings a whole new feeling, sensation, and overall pleasure field to your routine. There are a wide variety of sexual devices on the market, from the mild (like bullet vibrators or finger stimulation devices; vibrating penis rings and enhancers) to the more intense and wilder items (the Rabbit, clitoral stimulators with insertable shaft; vibrating prostate massage tools). The use and choice on devices is solely up to the user, and every person has different needs, likes, and wants.  


Things to Remember about Masturbation 

Some helpful things to remember when it comes to masturbation are: 

Don’t just focus on the orgasm. If you are solely focused on the orgasm, rather than the pleasure, you will miss out on so much! The body feels pleasure in various ways and is not limited to only feeling pleasure when orgasming.  

Use your imagination. Hasn’t your parent told you this since you were in Kindergarten? Imagination is key when fantasizing and dreaming about your “dream” partner, and all of the things that you wish they would do to you.  

If you’ve lost your ability to have an erection, try using a Vacuum Penis Pump device. These devices are specially made in a variety of ways, styles, and systems. These help to temporarily draw and hold blood in the shaft of the penis, helping to create a firmer, longer lasting erection. These pumps can help with any level or erectile dysfunction, or even act to bring a flaccid penis to orgasm.  

Regardless of how you choose to masturbate, the important thing is that you have decided to give it a try! Reap the benefits of self-discovery and find what makes you feel the most comfortable with your abilities.  


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