LGBTQIA+ Terminology

LGBTQIA+ terminology is always changing, and while there is no definitive list of precise words, there are many terminology lists to help people along their learning journey. These glossaries have been collectively built, updated, and maintained by national groups and organizations that focus on LGBTQIA+ rights and health care need.

The words upon these lists are not used by every or all LGBTQIA+ individuals. Each individual defines themselves differently, and it may be best to ask the person directly before you assume.

These glossaries of terms include words like disability, that may not be considered to be directly linked to identities of sexuality or gender. These terms are important to acknowledge as part of a general mission to challenge all forms of oppression that affect the multiple, intersectional identities held by many individuals in our world.

Please use these links to be redirected to LGBTQIA+ Terminology Lists from:

The National LGBT Cancer Network: LGBTQIA+ Terminology List

UC Davis LGBTQIA+ Resource Center: Terminology List

Serendipitydodah: Glossary of LGBTQ Terms

Another important aspect to the LGBTQIA+ community are their Pride flags of varying colors and meanings. This article helps to guide you to understand what each flag and their colors mean.

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Resources Used:

Reclaiming Intimacy

National LGBT Cancer Network

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