Ejaculation Dysfunction: Premature Ejaculation, Part Two

Ejaculation dysfunction is a common ailment for males of any age after puberty. Premature ejaculation, or early ejaculation, is one type of this dysfunction that causes the male to ejaculate sooner than he or his partner would like in moments of intimacy. This early ejaculation occurs in roughly thirty percent of males and is considered a very common thing. Most cases of early ejaculation are treatable.

The cause of premature or early ejaculation has been linked to numerous things, including:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Neurological problems
  • “Stage fright”
  • Medications

Treatment for Premature or Early Ejaculation

There are many tools available for treating premature ejaculation. The goal of all treatments is to decrease overall penile sensitivity and increase the patient’s overall control over their behavioral responses.

Certain oral medications can help to delay ejaculation for many males, and your doctor or urologist may prescribe some for you, depending on your situation. This choice often hinders on the issues with ejaculation being a primary or secondary issue.

Another medication that has proven successful is a topical lidocaine-prilocaine cream that is applied to the penis before any sexual stimulation. It is designed to help reduce sensitivity and delay ejaculation. There are also numerous types of over-the-counter creams that are designed to slow ejaculation response.

Medications can provide a temporary reprieve from premature ejaculation; behavioral therapy is another that to cure it. This can involve multiple layers of education, including sex education to help to modify behavior and psychological decisions surrounding the mental and psychosomatic responses of the brain during sexual activity. This education and therapy can also involve relaxation techniques and methods on how to extend orgasms and pleasure.

Some of the behavioral modifications might include:

  • Ceasing stimulation when the climax approaches
  • Altering stimulation before climax
  • Including penile device therapy to help prolong and learn to control orgasm and climax
  • Mental distraction from the stimulation
  • Other ways to reduce stimulation and delay climax.

If you are struggling with premature ejaculation, reach out to your medical care team to discuss all of your options! If you have your diagnosis and are interested in learning about more holistic methods on reclaiming your ejaculation rates, consider reaching out to one of our Reclaiming Intimacy experts!

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