The Benefits of Penis Support Rings


Penis support rings or erectile dysfunction rings are a simple, beneficial therapeutic aid that assists men who are suffering from and dealing with trouble getting or maintaining an erection. These rings provide a safe, non-medical route to being able to get and maintain a stronger, harder erection during your illness, life stressors, or cancer treatment. By utilizing these tools, one can overcome their sexual obstacles and reclaim their intimacy while maintaining the normalcy of their day-to-day lives.

Penis support rings are therapeutic sexual aids that can assist a man in achieving, maintaining and enjoying his erection. They go by many different names: venous constriction ring, tension band or ring, constrictive penile band, erection support rings, erection support sleeves, cock rings, penis rings, and erectile dysfunction rings. These rings are designed to help any man who is suffering from erection troubles to better hold a solid erection. They work by helping to hold the blood in the penis shaft inside, while still allowing more blood to flow in, thusly strengthening the erection. In many cases, these helpful rings work alongside another method of erection aid like the penis pump. Although using a penis pump is not at all required to successfully use a penis support ring.

Over thirty-million men in the United States alone are affected daily by erectile dysfunction or other penile issues that affect his ability to achieve and find pleasure. Erection problems can arise at any time, and for many different reasons. One of the main reasons men face these issues are due to cancer and cancer treatment for the likes of prostate, anal or colorectal cancers. Other issues that might contribute to erection and sexual dysfunction are stress, medication side effects and emotional trauma. Penis support rings can also help a man dealing with performance anxiety reclaim his sexual confidence once more.

Men who do not suffer from erection difficulty also use these penis support rings. They provide different feeling and the pressure and tightness some men seek when finding their pleasure. Other men wear these rings during self-discovery and masturbation to help to delay ejaculation and the euphoric feelings of an orgasm.

What are penis support rings made of?

Erectile dysfunction rings are made from a multitude of materials and come in a variety of shapes, types, and sizes. The most common materials used are silicone, rubber, plastic, metal and some other materials. Certain brands come with special grip handles or loops that make them easier to put on and remove. These grips and loops can be especially helpful for men who have issues with dexterity or need a quick-release for whatever reason. Some of these rings are adjustable, while others come in standard, set sizes. Some are made for singular use and others are made for couples to use together. Many offer features like real-feel skin, vibration or pulsation, or different textures and feels.

One of the best types of beginner penis support rings, to begin with, is the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Enhance set. This pack of three sizes of ultra-stretchy silicone rings are seamless, thick and durable. Not only do these rings provide the support you are seeking, but also increase girth around the base of your penis. Their seamless design ensures that no skin issues or tears will happen when using the proper lubrication.

Another great double-pack of these erection support rings are the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Retain set. These stretchy and comfortable silicone enhancers are designed to work alone or with any penis pump cylinder.

Regardless of the type or style of therapeutic penis support ring you end up with, you will always want to incorporate lubrication in the application of the ring to the base of your penis. Reclaiming Intimacy’s Lustrous lubrication is made with Aloe Vera and Carrageenan which are designed to help rejuvenate and moisturize sensitive, dry and delicate skin. For some men going through cancer treatment, this lubrication has shown to give the right amount of friction protection while helping with their dry skin condition.

If you are seeking thicker lubrication, Reclaiming Intimacy’s Satin lubrication would give you a durable, longer-lasting waterproof barrier helping to protect the most sensitive and fragile of skin types. All of Sliquid’s lubrications are made with only the highest-grade materials and are free of parabens, glycerin, sulfates, DEA and animal products. Their hypoallergenic formulas ensure that no skin reactions occur and over time, help your body to replenish its own natural lubrication.

Are there any dangers or possible hazards of using a penis support or erection enhancer ring?

When used correctly with caution, erectile dysfunction penis support rings are considered safe for most men. These rings should not be used for longer than thirty-minutes, unless your doctor has told you otherwise. If you experience pain, discomfort, numbness or a cold sensation in the area, promptly remove the ring. If you have sickle-cell disease, heart disease, or take blood-thinner medications, do check with your doctor before you use a penis support ring. Never use a penis ring while drinking or using recreational drugs, as leaving the ring on too long or falling asleep with it on could trigger damage due to long-term restricted blood flow.

How do I safely put on a penis support ring?

First, you will want to ensure you have a high-quality water-based or therapeutic aid-safe lubrication. You can apply the lubrication to the ring directly, or the shaft of your penis.

Next, slide the ring over the head of your flaccid penis and gently down the shaft to the base. The ring should slide down the penis with ease and rest comfortably at the base.

Now, as you masturbate or engage in intimate or sexual activity, as you become more erect, the ring will become slightly tighter. This is normal and how the ring works. Engage in your activities as normal, leaving the ring in place to help hold the blood inside of the shaft to maintain a stronger, harder erection.

If at any time the ring becomes too tight, or a visible indentation occurs in the penis shaft, do not continue and remove the ring gently when it is comfortable to do so. Some men find they need to have special sizes of rings, as one size does not always fit everyone. This is why it is a good idea to test rings before you plan to use them during any sexual activity to ensure you know how it will work with your body.

If you have questions about penis support rings, do not hesitate to reach out to your doctor or our Reclaiming Intimacy Through HOPE team for answers! There are many options you can try if you are experiencing erection difficulty!

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