Reclaiming Intimacy’s Best Foreplay Tips for Men

Foreplay is something that doesn’t come easily for all men. Some need a bit of guidance to better understand just what will work and will not work in regard to pleasure. Foreplay can be helpful for those males who are working on reclaiming their intimacy after illness, cancer, or loss of sexual function. It also helps to solidify and reconnect relationships and connections with their partners, and the self. Foreplay also helps to build stamina and endurance, and helps men get to know their bodies, likes, and dislikes.

Here is a list of some of the best foreplay tips and tricks that we have compiled over the years at Reclaiming Intimacy.

  1. Prepping the room. While this step might sound a little bland or boring, it’s a vital part of foreplay. By ensuring the ambiance of the room, and ease of access to any extras (like lubes, devices, or strap-ons) this helps to make sure your pleasure-filled time with go off without a hitch.
  2. Loosen Up! Being too uptight, tense, and on edge will hinder the romance, pleasure, and fun! Dance around the room to your favorite music. Play a good old-fashioned game of hide and seek, with sexual endeavors (like, “if I find you, I’m going to kiss you ______.”) Work on getting out of your own head and relaxing your brain.
  3. “Sext” with your Partner. Send a sexy or suggestive text message to your partner to get the nerves buzzin’ and juices flowing! The promise of pleasure to come is often enough to stoke the fires and reignite the flame.
  4. Schedule a date. Pen in a date on your busy calendar just for you and your partner. Make it known that romance and intimacy will be happening and allow the days before to help you build up to your romantic rendezvous.
  5. Have a make-out session. Just like your teenage years, have a make-out session with your partner. Let this session roll on for as long as you can before moving on to more intense pleasure-filled activity. If you can’t stand it, physical “grinding” on the outside of your clothing would suffice and continue to build those passionate feelings.
  6. Take a bath. Warm soothing water has the potential to turn any innocent wash session into a sensation driven intimate time. Be sure not to use any bubble bath or soaps that could cause issue with your skin or genitalia.
  7. Body Friction. When you’re out on your date or event with your partner, go out of your way to touch, caress, or brush up against each other’s body as often as you can. Be discreet, as you are in public. The secretiveness of your moment will also stir the butterflies of promise in your belly and elsewhere!
  8. Practice Self-Discovery. Self-discovery, or masturbation, is something that is necessary for many to get to know their bodies again after their “normal” sexual function has changed. Masturbation can also be part of the foreplay experience, or stand alone as a sexual, pleasure-filled act in itself.
  9. Role Play. Role playing is a way for you and your partner to pretend to be someone else for a moment, or scene. You could pretend to be strangers, role play as doctor/patient, prisoner/officer, “John”/sex worker, or just about anything else you could think of. While role playing can include dressing the part, it does not have to. That’s the best part about imagination- It’s up to you and your partner!
  10. Use Lubrication. Lubrication provides a friction barrier and an extra silky, slippery surface. Using lubrication can help your skin, and that of your partner’s, glide easily across and around each other. Water-based lubrication is great to use with therapeutic aid devices and sex toys and is safe to use with condoms. Silicone-based lubrication provides a thicker friction barrier and is longer lasting in water.
  11. Try therapeutic aids or sexual devices. By changing up your “normal” routine with a device or sex toy, this can help you find more pleasure-zones of the body. Plus, the variety of textures, vibrations, and pulsations that these devices offer can bring you to new levels of climax!
  12. Try a penis pump. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction or struggle with maintaining an erection, consider trying a vacuum pump device. Pumps and support rings are designed to help you to hold blood in the penile shaft, thusly creating a firmer, stronger, and longer-lasting erection. Pumps are extremely beneficial for those men who have lost erectile function and are looking for a holistic way to reclaim their pleasure.

There is no set time frame or duration that foreplay activities are required to last. This is up to each person and their partner. By drawing foreplay out, this helps to heighten the levels of your upcoming orgasms and pleasure!

Above all else, when your foreplay moves to intercourse, remember to practice safe sex by using condoms, dental dams, and other things to help spread STIs or diseases.

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