Healthier Eating with OH, Forks!™ Gluten Free & Vegan Recipes, Part One

Healthier Eating: OH, Forks!™ Gluten Free & Vegan Recipes, Part One 


When it comes to healthy eating, OH, Forks!™ knows what to do! Suffering from food allergies and sensitivities themselves, this company was created with all diets in mind. Enjoy these healthy, superfood nutrient-rich recipes with customizable options! These are some of our favorites! 


  • Cucumber Dill Guacamole. This fresh take on a delicious and healthy standard allows even more nutritional and digestive benefit with the added cucumber and dill!   



  • Chicken Fajita Bowl. Having hot fajitas during the day wasn’t cutting it over the hot summer months at Oh, Forks!™, so they cooled things down a little with this lunch-style bowl! Of course, you can eat it heated, or cooled; whichever you prefer! 



  • Chunky Chicken Salad. While certain store brands are delicious, they also contain preservatives and unnecessary ingredients! Over the years, OH, Forks!™ has released a few chicken salad sandwich spread recipes, but this is more of a “stand alone” chicken salad, in that, it can be eaten as an entire meal itself! Lots of protein, veggies, and fruits make this a well-rounded meal & one that avoids gluten and grain! 


  • All Fruit Punch. OH, Forks!™ All-Fruit Punch is incredibly tasty, and really good for you! 



Stay tuned for more amazing recipes from OH, Forks!™ 


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OH, Forks!™ (Recipes used with permission) 

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