Partners: Pelvic Floor Indy- The Silence of Pelvic Struggles

One of our partners, Pelvic Floor Indy’s owner Erin, shared this article about the female pelvic floor, and issues that may quietly arise in their lives. Pelvic floor issues can change the entire outlook of someone’s life, which is why we focus so heavily on this aspect of self-care and treatment after cancer or illness.

This article from Erin, written in October of 2015, states:

“I read a lot about women and obviously, their pelvis and everything contained therein. I understand that honoring your body, and especially for a woman her womb/pelvis, is sacred and necessary. I know and respect that women’s creativity springs forth from this area and in so keeping that area must be nurtured and loved.


Sometimes women feel like that area of their body is betraying them. They have pain, traumatic periods, fear of sexual intimacy, general fear of their vulvas/vaginas/clitorises, trauma after surgery, incontinence, prolapse, pain from mesh implants and on and on. Living with these things is not only not pleasant but can be downright terrible.

And on the less traumatic side – we, as women deal with a whole slew of crap relating to the area between your belly button and knees such as – reaction when you first got your period, first sexual experience, fear of being slutty, fear of being frigid, not knowing if you should want sex, worrying if you do want sex, not being able to easily orgasm, and shame related to all of those things and more.

And so, this area of your body that is supposed to be revered has told you to f*#k off and it will now be taking over command. It will rule your days and nights to a varying degree. It may dictate what you do – or in many cases what you don’t do.

So the easy answer is to make peace with your pelvis – but that might sound contrite and dismissive. And will making peace with your pelvis make all of these issues better – most likely NOT. But I do think that you might give your pelvis a break every now and again. It is not responsible for society and our attitudes, but frequently it is the target we (and society) aim those arrows of judgement at. Think about it, does your shoulder, knee or even chest carry as much baggage as your pelvis? No other area of your body carries as much stigma as your pelvic region.

And maybe it is a case of “mad genius.” Something that can be so positive, pleasureful, creative and wonderful can also be the cause of so much pain, negativity, and dead weight.

So, what is the answer? I don’t think society or attitudes will change overnight and it will be hard even for us to drop the judgement and resentment. Positive energy or self-talk aimed at that mad genius that is your pelvis will not fix everything in the blink of an eye, nor will doing that be easy for anyone dealing with loads of pain or trauma. And maybe it starts with empathy for your pelvis…just start there, even if only for 1 minute a day. I know that sometimes your body pisses you off, depresses you, makes you cry or all of the above and those feelings are real and need to be expressed. But maybe for one minute every day, get quiet, slow your breathing and tell your pelvis “I feel your pain and I am sorry you are hurting.”

Just that. Start there.”

We are excited to learn more from Pelvic Floor Indy and the importance & benefits of pelvic floor exercise for both men and women. Thank you for allowing us to share your article!

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