Reclaiming Intimacy Welcomes the RED Alliance of Indianapolis, Indiana

Did you know that African American women are forty-one percent more likely to die from breast cancer than Caucasian women?

This shocking statistic was something we learned when we began to research the RED Alliance.

At Reclaiming Intimacy, we always strive to partner and work with like-minded organizations who stand for excellent patient care and are open to all aspects of human need. This is why we would like to welcome The RED Alliance to our table! We are so excited to be working with this organization in 2020 and years to come!

The RED (Reaching to End Disparities) Alliance collaborates with researchers, health professionals, healthcare organizations, advocates, support service providers, government agencies, breast cancer survivors and members of faith-based communities to seek to reduce breast cancer late-stage diagnosis and death rates for African American women in and around Indianapolis, Indiana.

The RED Alliance works tirelessly in Indianapolis to not only empower and educate, but they also have an active role in their community. They have partnered with IU Precision Health services, as well as leading a large Breast Health Summit every Spring that is their main education initiative that brings together all parties involved in cancer care: patients, advocates, policy makers, survivors, community members, healthcare professionals and more. This summit has workshops for all to learn and broaden knowledge, as well as special events and presentations that focus on living a healthy life. This two-day event kicks off on a Friday, followed by their Friday night Power Party where cancer survivors and caregivers are pampered & given a good time.

The RED Alliance has also partnered with other local organizations to establish their S.I.S. Support Groups. S.I.S. offers support, encouragement, and empowerment to breast cancer survivors and their caregivers. These monthly “Power Parties” feature survivors and caregivers sharing helpful stories and tips for living through treatment and survivorship in a myriad of ways.

Recipients of The Community Health Partnerships Trailblazer Award

The RED Alliance has partnered with researchers from the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University, where they study disparities in breast cancer mortality between non-Hispanic black women and white women in Indianapolis urban areas. These studies focus on identifying variables in processes for black breast cancer patients attempting to get a diagnosis and treatment services, and to understand what leads to them. This project was funded in part by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Indiana State Department of Health (Red Alliance).

Have you been through God’s Pharmacy?

At the Red Alliance, one can walk through the farmer’s market style exhibit where women are encouraged to reduce their breast cancer risk and improve their overall quality of life by improving their health and wellness with correct nutrition and other natural foods and remedies offered straight up from God’s creation. This traveling exhibit visits conferences and community events where fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods and recipes are given away, along with information, to better educate and empower the community with natural health.

The RED Alliance believes that, “eliminating the breast cancer death rate disparity for African American women will require a variety of systemic interventions, we believe one place to start is for every woman to know her personal breast cancer risk and to encourage women to take action to reduce their breast cancer risk. Look for our Hands-Up banner at health fairs and community events and make your personal commitment to reduce your breast cancer risk” (RED Alliance).

We are very excited for future events, webinars and helping to empower and educate those involved with the RED Alliance on sexual wellness, sexual health, and issues of sexual dysfunction that arise during breast cancer treatment & caregiving experiences.

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