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Kyle Miron is not only a brain cancer survivor, but also a local here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After his successful battle against brain cancer, he became a cancer advocate and authored the book, “Brain Status Unremarkable” to highlight his methods, tips, and thought process living with cancer. One of his favorite quotes, from the movie The Departed, is how he continues to face life every day:

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

Miron believes that all cancer patients should take on the role of becoming a cancer samurai- meaning, they become an enemy of and to cancer, and he offers various methods along with new ways of thinking to accomplish this goal.

“The purpose for being victorious in your battle with Cancer will be paramount in deciding whether or not you will survive.” Miron, Brain Status Unremarkable

To Miron, mental health is just as important as physical health. Not only does our toxic environment create a chemical storm in the body, but living life in a toxic way, and allowing negativity to encroach into your life is also a recipe for disaster. This means toxic relationships, jobs, and even thoughts cause a certain ‘cancer’ in the mind and body that must be dealt with to fully overcome.

“Millions of people suffer from an addiction cancer or mental illness cancer that dismantles their happiness and keeps them a prisoner to sabotage. 20 millions of people have a toxic relationship cancer that causes separation or divorce, and ultimately a disrupted family unit.” Miron, Brain Status Unremarkable

Miron believes that to truly be healthy, whole, and functioning one needs to put themselves first and remove every ounce of negativity from life that is possible.

Along with the book, he also created a private Facebook community group for those fighting against or those survivors of cancer called, Cancer Samurais. In this group, people unite and support each other in their personal battles with various types of cancer. One thing they all have in common is their mindset- happiness, whole living, and understanding that cancer, much like negativity, has no place in their lives.

Interested in reading his book? You can purchase his book in e-book or paperback format through his website:

In his life, he has traveled the world, lived overseas, and is a father to two amazing children. Check back to our Stories of HOPE page for Kyle’s personal story and message from his fight against brain cancer.

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