The Pelvic Floor: Meet Erin, from Pelvic Floor Indy

A strengthened pelvic floor can be a vital aspect for both women and men for intimacy issues, incontinence issues, and general pelvic pain. Erin McDonald, owner of Pelvic Floor Indy, works to help and educate patients on pelvic floor exercise and strengthening. While she focuses on women’s pelvic health, she realizes that these exercises are beneficial for everyone. She is a certified pelvic floor specialist, who has gone through her own pelvic floor issues, giving her a firsthand take on what others are going through.

In this podcast, you can meet Erin and learn a bit about Pelvic Floor Indy and the things that she focuses in on with her clients. We are grateful to have connected with Erin this year and welcome her to our Reclaiming Intimacy family!

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