Benefits of Skyn Condoms

These lubricated SKYN condoms are non-latex and made to feel comfortably thin and soft. Their SKYNFEEL material provides the wearer with outstanding sensitivity, creating a truly intimate experience for both you and your partner(s). The benefit of this latex-free polyisoprene material is arguably their soft feel, though their compatibility for use by those who suffer from latex allergies is a plus!

Another notable mention is that SKYN condoms have been clinically proven to enhance sensation and are rigorously tested and meet the highest safety standards. They offer the same protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs as regular latex condoms while offering a natural feel.

Though each condom is lubricated individually, you may find the need to apply an additional lubricant. Follow this link for The Low-Down on Lubrication!

For information regarding Safe Sex during Cancer Treatment, Cervical Cancer Facts, HPV and Intimacy, or Contraception and Cancer, follow the links provided or click for our complete Resource Library.

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Skyn Condoms are non-latex and feel comfortably thin and soft.
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