Kegel Balls and the Pelvic Floor


A weakened pelvic floor can cause numerous issues within the female reproductive and urination systems. By doing simple exercises in the privacy of your own home you can strengthen while healing your vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles and re-route your pleasure sensors to be more open and receptive to intimate touch. Kegel ball sets are a simple and beneficial addition to your medical box as well as your sexual tool kit. Our Reclaiming Intimacy Strengthen set is the perfect starter tool to help restore your pelvic floor!


In many cases, a woman’s vaginal strength and pelvic floor control are based on things like childbirth, cancer, and reconstructive surgeries. Hysterectomies or oophorectomies are also high on the list of culprits for helping to loosen and weaken the pelvic floor muscles. One of the simplest inventions can completely reverse the loss of muscle tone and help to re-strengthen the vaginal walls, and those are Kegel balls.

Kegel balls are ancient devices used to help strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. They are small weighted balls, also called Ben Wa balls, that come in a variety of types, weights, and styles. Kegel balls are not simply for vaginal and pelvic floor health, however. They also help increase sexual pleasure by allowing the woman better control of her pleasure zones. More recently, major movies like Fifty Shades of Grey educated the world on these pleasure balls, albeit semi-incorrectly.

If you are looking for a pair of these Kegel balls, check your local adult sex shop and learn about the different styles and which would be best for you to begin with. It is always best to visit a local shop to learn your options and be able to get a hands-on feel for something you will be using frequently to help with your overall pelvic floor health.

The Perfect Pair of Kegel Balls

Believe it or not, the perfect pair of Kegel balls may be different for everyone. If you are just beginning your journey with Kegel balls, plan to begin with something simple and lightweight. Your first pair should have the balls attached, usually by some sort of skin-like silicone covering, with a pull string. Ensuring that you have a pair you are comfortable with will ensure you are using them correctly and able to remove them with ease.

More advanced sets may have more than two balls, balls that have no protective covering and are separate from each other, and some that have no pull string. These sets require some learning, trial and error, and the ability to relax and be calm in the event that one, or both, take longer than they should to come out.

After you have gotten use to your first set, you can then begin to slowly advance making small changes each time you try. You could try these changes to better exercise your pelvic floor and vaginal wall muscles:

-swap lighter materials for heavier materials, like silicone covered balls to singular, metal balls. Metal balls are the original Ben Wa balls. Many believe the weight is the key to helping strengthen the muscles.

-try new set with connected balls with functions and features.

-swap out the larger balls for smaller balls, making the work-load of squeezing those muscles a bit harder to clench and hold.

By slowly shifting between options and possibilities, you give your body different options on how to strengthen itself, just as you would selecting different gym equipment upon each visit to your local workout center to ensure a full-body experience.

One of the best Kegel ball sets comes from the Reclaiming Intimacy line. The Strengthen set is designed to help train and tone Kegel muscles, increase the strength of the vaginal and anal walls, increase sexual satisfaction, increase vaginal pliability, and help to strengthen the pelvic floor. This two-piece set is made of premium silicone with graduated sizes so that the set can grow and evolve with you. To begin, use the larger sized Kegel trainer first as a beginner. The wider girth of this trainer will be easier for beginners to squeeze and hold. Use the smaller Kegel ball for skilled practice. The pull-cords on each trainer help to ensure safety at all times and makes for a very easy removal.

The Safety of Kegel Balls

The work done with Kegel balls is a form of exercise. Just as many other types of exercise, these balls do come with a few low risks. They are:

  • pain or discomfort
  • tearing
  • overexertion

The important thing to remember is to not over-do it or overwork your body. This is easily done by verifying you are using a correctly sized pair of Kegel balls with the right weight and technique. Checking in with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen can be beneficial to ensure you are not doing anything hazardous to your health. If you:

  • are pregnant or in the recovery stages of childbirth, whether vaginal or cesarean delivery;
  • are recovering from any gynecological surgery, whether cancer related or not. Your doctor will give you a sign-off date when you are “healed.” It is after this point when beginning this Kegel ball therapy would be the most beneficial for you and your body;
  • have an intrauterine device for birth control;
  • use a menstrual cup;
  • have pelvic pain or an active pelvic infection; you may feel more initial discomfort and strangeness when you begin to use the Kegel balls.

These magic balls should never be used during intercourse and the woman wearing them should never be in a laying down position. Kegel balls should be used while standing or in a sitting position, in which the head of the body is always upward. If in the right position, these balls could roll themselves into the fallopian tubes from inside of the vaginal canal. While this is not life-threatening, it could require extra medical care and more trauma to the pelvic floor and vaginal walls.

Using the Kegel Balls

Once you have selected your first pair of Kegel balls, you are ready to begin! First, wash your hands and the Kegel balls with a gentle soap and water. Before inserting the ball or balls into your vagina, be sure to lubricate yourself and the set of balls with a high quality, water-based lubricant. This ensures that the tissues are pliable and ready to move with the balls, not getting hung up on them with any dry patches. Dry tissues always risk tearing with friction, and in this sensitive area, taking precautions can be very beneficial later.

Once you are lubed up and ready, follow these simple tips for proper insertion and use.

  1. Find yourself a comfortable position that you can open your legs fully in. Some call this position “spread eagle” as it opens up the pelvic area widely.
  2. Feel your vagina with your finger tips and the balls, gently exploring the area and ensuring your labia and vaginal tissues are moist from the lubrication.
  3. Slowly and with firm pressure, insert the first ball into the vaginal opening. Because Kegel balls are usually connected to each other by a small, thin string or silicone connector, gently slip the next ball in to your vagina as well. You can leave the string hanging outside of the vagina and push the balls inside, so you are still comfortable, but can feel the push and pull of the objects inside. If you are using the Reclaiming Intimacy Strengthen set or one that is similar, simply insert the larger sized Kegel trainer. With this style of Kegel trainer, only one is inserted at a time.
  4. Now the work begins. Practice tightening and releasing your vaginal wall muscles as you would to stop and start your urine flow mid-stream while still in the original position.
  5. Next, close your legs and adjust slightly. This might mean you simply sit up taller, rock back and forth while you sit, or shift your weight from hip to hip. This will give you an insight in to how you might feel when you stand up.
  6. Stand up and remember to clench your muscles to hold those balls in place safely in your vagina. Hold and release in a timed pattern, or per the instructions given to you by your doctor. If no specific instructions were given, many women use these balls for ten minutes at a time, three to five times per week. Some may simply hold the balls in place, and others work the muscles by doing repetitions with ten-seconds on, and ten-seconds off.

The balls should feel ‘extra’ and secure inside of your vaginal canal. If the balls ever begin to fall out or feel as if they are close to falling out- simply push them back inside, deeper into your vagina. For many women, the subtle feeling of a tingling sensation is felt. With movement like walking, bending, or cleaning, these sensations can increase.

Removing the Kegel Balls

Kegel balls can stay inside of the body for up to four hours, depending on the balls being used and your personal body chemistry. Your doctor or sexual wellness expert can guide you on the safety aspects as well as proper use upon your request.

For those types of Kegel balls with a string or loop for removal:

  • Lay or sit in a comfortable position.
  • Add more lubrication to your vaginal area if your tissues feel dry.
  • Slowly pull on the removal string or loop until one or both pops out.

To remove those types of Kegel balls that are separate, without a case or cord:

  • Stand with your feet apart just wider than hip distance or sit on the toilet with legs spread open wide.
  • If standing, bend your knees and squat. If already on the toilet, stay sitting and hold your knees.
  • Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out; much like you are having a bowel movement, or even what it might feel like when you push out a tampon.

If the balls do not come out right away, do not panic. They cannot escape into your body and roll into your brain. Your internal tissues tend to swell with the thought or feelings of pleasure, which can make it take longer for the balls to fall back out. Move around a little, jump up and down, and repeat the process as you need. Gravity will help the weighted balls find their exit.

If you cannot get them out, remain calm and make a call to your medical care team. In the worst-case scenarios, your gynecologist can remove them in seconds when you cannot. While it may be slightly embarrassing and a good story for years down the road, there are no life-threatening issues that are connected to Kegel balls.

Cleaning your Kegel Balls

Cleaning your set of balls in crucial in ensuring no bacteria or infections spawn from them. After removal, you should always:

  • Run under warm water using a liquid soap or special toy cleaner.
  • Rinse them well under hot water, and once more to ensure all soap residue has been removed.
  • Pat them dry with a clean towel and allow them to air dry for at least two hours. This ensures no water can be trapped and become moldy.
  • Once they are completely dry, store them in the case they came in, or a special case of their own.

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