Kegel Exercise Therapy: Duo Balls & Mono Balls

For many women facing pelvic floor dysfunction issues like incontinence or organ prolapse, practicing Kegel exercise with specialized exercisers can help to restore lost function. These exerciser “balls” are designed to be inserted in to the vagina and held in place using the pelvic floor muscles and focus. Repeated use of these Kegel exercising balls results in a stronger pelvic floor, better vaginal function, and better control of the bladder and bowel.

That said, Kegel exercise is not for all women facing these issues. It is very important that one is evaluated by a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor health and can provide proper guidance about which exercises to focus on, or to avoid. Doing Kegel exercise as a woman with a high-tone pelvic floor can actually create larger issues.

The Mono Balls were created for beginners to help strengthen the Kegel and pelvic floor muscles. These weighted balls come in three sizes and weights, designed to help carry you through various levels of Kegel exercise. The Duo Balls also offer up a set of three weighted exercisers with a different shape best for those who have had some experience with Kegel exercisers.

Both sets are made up of medical grade silicone and are skin safe when used with lubrication. Depending on your body needs, a water-based lubrication with a thin friction barrier may be satisfactory. Or, if you need a thicker friction barrier, a silicone-hybrid lubrication might be a better option. It is always best to use a lubrication whenever you are using devices designed for the genitals.

If you are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction issues or incontinence, consider seeking the help of a physical therapist that specializes in this type of dysfunction. If you have questions about Kegel exercise therapy, reach out to our Reclaiming Intimacy staff.

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