Prostate Massage & Stimulation: The Benefits and Devices

Prostate massage has been practiced since the earliest years of man living on Earth. While it is not a widely accepted method of treatment to help reduce pain, help to drain built up toxins, or to trigger pleasure points- all of these things are true, and more! Integrative medicine doctors and Urology specialists are most often noted to be prescribing prostate massage therapy to their patients.

This therapy can be extremely beneficial to any man who still has his prostate gland, but may not be “using” their sexual organs as often as they had hoped. The prostate gland is a small, rubbery gland about the size of a ping-pong ball located between the base of the penis and rectum. Without ejaculation, those seminal fluids can build up within the prostate gland and become stagnant. Some studies have shown that this build up of fluids can trigger or cause a faster growth of cancerous cells (NIH).

The Location of the Prostate Gland

Prostate massage therapy also works with those people who have had cancer, or any condition leading up to the removal of their prostate gland, or a prostatectomy. When the prostate is removed, while surgeons do their best to avoid causing nerve damage, it is a very common side effect that can be long term. The removal of the prostate causes a disturbance in the nerves present, but also creates a scar tissue build up upon healing that can cause pain, tightness, and further need for medical intervention.

Practicing prostate massage therapy allows the tissues of the anal region to stay functional, pliable, and by applying gentle pressure to the area, also helps to reduce pain and scar tissue. Prostate massage sounds very daunting to complete, but frankly it is very simple. The male needs only his body, lubrication, and the correct types of anal probes geared towards prostate massage. These probes are typically small in size, no bigger than your fingers, with various textures and vibrational functions.

Vibrational probes are used to help lessen the stressful tenseness that the anal muscles will most definitely present with until you and your body are use to this action. Lubrication is applied to each probe, then inserted gently and slowly in to the anal canal, tipping toward the prostate gland, or where is was.

Vibrating P-spot Massager

Reclaiming Intimacy offers a wonderful beginner set of prostate massage tools, plus lots of information on various types of prostate massage. Plus, this new Vibrating P-spot Massager that can be used alone, or with your partner, and controlled by remote. The arched bulbous head tapers nicely to a rounded tip that offers up ten different vibrational functions. One motor resides in the head of this devices and the other in the base, providing a strong, powerful experience. The head of this massager also moves, making a “come here” motion with a finger. This massager is 1.75” wide, 5.3” long with 4” being insertable. USB rechargeable and fully submersible- meaning it can be used underwater.

If you are considering prostate massage therapy, be sure to use a high-quality lubrication as well. This could mean a water-based, or silicone hybrid lubrication, but using one specifically designed for anal activities is best. We offer the Wicked Sensual Care Jelle Anal Lubricant for this purpose. The different between the two is the longevity and level of friction barrier.

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