PUMP up the Jam! Which Air Pump is Best for Your Erectile Dysfunction?

For many men who lose their ability to achieve and maintain an erection throughout their lives, they will turn to one of many options to help restore that lost function. Their doctors might tell them about all of the medicinal options available by prescription, or they may tell them all about how penile implants work, citing that this surgery is much safer than “it use to be.”

More often, these folks are left out of the loop about the very beneficial solutions that arise when discussing holistic options and at-home therapies.

Vacuum support devices, or penis pumps, have been around for a very long time helping males to restore lost function, boosting their functional powers in the moment, and helping them to achieve and feel pleasure in and around the penile and groin area. By practicing this at-home therapy multiple times per week, this can help to restore muscle memory in the penile shaft and cells, thusly resulting in helping to build and strengthen a longer lasting erection.

While penis pumps, when used as therapy, do help to restore lost function, they cannot bring back all lost function in all cases. They do help to allow those patients who do not want to take more medications or have another surgical intervention to work on their bodies, needs, and to better maintain their penile health.

There are a variety of options when it comes to air pressure vacuum support devices. Each of these below works with air pressure to help draw blood in to the shaft of the penis, creating a temporary erection. Each pump has it’s own set of directions, specialties, and features. Be sure to pay attention to your pump’s specifics before each and every use.

Let’s Pump Up the Jam!

Classic Pump

Classic Pump

This Classic Penis Pump is a simple, cost-effective model offers a 9” cylinder with a diameter of 2.35”. The hose length is 10” and the insertion sleeve is made of smooth silicone. The transparent cylinder allows the user to see the changes live and control the amount of pressure with the handheld pump handle and emergency pressure release valve.

Comfort Pump with ADV PSI Gauge

Comfort Pump with Advanced PSI Gauge

The Comfort Pump boasts a 7.9” long cylinder that is 2.35” wide, with a 10” long hose. This finger-grip style pump allows for quick and easy removal when the desired hardness, girth, or length have been reached.

Optimum Series Rechargeable EZ Pump Kit

Optimum Series Rechargeable EZ Pump Kit

The Optimum Series Rechargeable EX Pump is a convenient, automatic pump with an ultra-soft dual silicone ring. This simple-to-use pump has easy-touch controls and a quick air release valve to ensure safety. When used with the dual silicone ring, this helps to further draw out the time and length of the erection. This cylinder is 10” long and 2.25” wide, with an insertable length of 8”. The 2-hour USB recharge gives up to 3 hours of use and wonderful suction. Track your progress through the clear, marked cylinder.


The Leviathan

The Leviathan is designed for one-handed, easy-pump use to help boost the longevity and quality of the erection. The cylinder measures 8” x 2.75” and has a non-crimping hose.

Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle Water Based Lubrication

Regardless of the type of air pressure pump, or water pump, you are going to choose, be sure you also set yourself up with a high-quality lubrication to ensure your fragile, sensitive skin is protected from friction. The Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle Water Based Lubrication is great to use with these vacuum support devices and many other pumps on the market.

Wicked Sensual Care Masturbation Creme for Men

If you are a person who enjoys self-pleasure mixed with pump therapy or pleasure, consider an alternative masturbation crème lubricant to provide a friction barrier and support the extra friction that will be occurring. The Wicked Sensual Care Masturbation Crème for Men is a silicone based crème that is long-lasting and offers a thicker friction barrier.

If you have questions about which pump may be best for your situation, do not hesitate to reach out to our Reclaiming Intimacy experts for guidance and direction. And please remember to follow the specific directions of the pump being used to avoid injury or misuse. If you are unsure of which directions you should be using, please reach out to our staff today.

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