Re-Connection in the Quarantine: Therapeutic Devices to Help

In this time of world pandemic, where many states have initiated shutdowns and people are staying home to help flatten the curve- it is the perfect time to sexually reconnect with your partner! The CDC has stated that those partners who live together regularly and are not being quarantined or socially distanced due to the pandemic from each other already can safely partake in intimate and sexual activity. In fact, in recent weeks, it has been suggested to help ease mental and emotional distress while helping partnered couple relationships stay strong.

For those people who have been struggling to reclaim their intimacy or become sexually active again with their partners after cancer, treatment, illness or other issue that altered your intimate abilities or caused sexual dysfunction- this is the perfect time to spend some time on yourselves, and learn your body all over again!

You might be feeling nervous about your abilities, or lack thereof. The thing is, you can still have intimate time with your partner, even if it is not done in the way you were previously used to. For many of those patients who have sexual dysfunction due to their situation, these devices and therapeutic aids can help restore function and provide simple, holistic solutions to their problems.

For Erectile Dysfunction

For men experiencing varying levels of erectile dysfunction, these items might come in handy.

  • Erection support rings. If you struggle with achieving a full erection, before trying prescription medication or surgery, consider trying either an erection support ring or an erection enhancer. These are designed to help to hold the blood in the shaft of the penis, thusly making the erection firmer and harder for longer amounts of time. Use a lubrication when putting rings or enhancers on to the penis.
  • Penis pump systems. If you have erectile dysfunction or struggle to get an erection, consider giving yourself temporary assistance with a penis pump system. Some of these systems are also covered by insurance for those men who have charted notation of sexual dysfunction or a diagnosis that states this issue. There are numerous types of penis pump systems, and one must always pay close attention to the quality and directions for the unit being used. Reclaiming Intimacy offers the highest quality standard penis pumps, as well as pump systems that are used with water, making the experience gentle and stimulating. These water-based pump systems also come in different sizes, so do pay attention to that. Always use lubrication when using a penis pump! We offer special penis pump safety instructions in our articles on our website! If you are on blood thinners or have certain heart conditions, be sure to check in with your doctor before you begin using a penis pump.
  • Strap-on & wearable devices. If you are able to achieve a semi-erect erection, but not able to penetrate your partner, these specialized hollow wearable strap-on devices or sleeves may be for you. By using a hollow strap-on jock strap, which allows you to slide your lubricated penis into the sleeve, and then while wearing the jock strap, penetrate your partner! Or, try a sleeve with a specialized testicle strap that acts to keep pressure on the blood vessels, thusly hardening your erection while wearing the sleeve. Always use lubrication and follow the manufacturers directions for each device!
  • Lubrication. If you’re not using lubrication when you have intimate and sexual time, you should definitely give it a try! Not only does it help to rejuvenate and replenish sore, dry, tired skin, it also helps to give those intimate moments a different feel, and much less friction. Reclaiming Intimacy suggests using only the highest quality water based lubrications and moisturizers, or high quality hybrid lubrication, or even a natural, water-based lubrication.
  • Masturbators. If you are unable to achieve an erection, or even If you can, and just want to experience some sensations, feelings and work towards being able to ejaculate your flaccid penis, try out a masturbator device. Some, like the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Titan, were designed for those men with erectile dysfunction. Always use lubrication with a masturbator device!

For Vaginal Dryness, Pain & Atrophy

For those women who are experiencing vaginal dryness of varying levels, pain during sexual activity or vaginal atrophy from treatment or other physical issues, these items would be very beneficial.

  • Lubrication. Many women experience vaginal dryness, from minor to severe, at varying times in their lives. Sometimes it can be linked to hormonal changes, and other times, like with chemotherapy and radiation, it can be directly linked to medical treatment. This dryness can be very painful and prevent the patient from taking part in intimacy or sexual acts. Lubrication helps to provide a friction barrier so that no tissues are harmed or injured. Daily moisturizers are safe to use daily and help the body regain some of it’s natural moisture. Reclaiming Intimacy suggests using only the highest quality water based lubrications and moisturizers, or high quality hybrid lubrication, or even a natural, water-based lubrication.
  • Dilators. If you are struggling with a tightening vaginal canal and it has become painful when things- tampons, fingers, or your partner; enter into your body, you may need to begin a dilator therapy regimen. Dilator are slender, insertable probes (used with lubrication) that help to stretch and manipulate the vaginal walls, muscles and tissues, making them pliable once more. Reclaiming Intimacy offers two types of dilator sets. One of the sets is standard with a set of three multi-sized dilators, and the other offers two dilators with the option of adding vibration for calming, ease, and stimulation. We also offer information about dilator therapy and how to begin.
  • Kegel exercisers. If you struggle with incontinence or weak pelvic floor muscles, Kegel exercises are what you should be doing! Reclaiming Intimacy’s Strengthen set offers two weighted Kegel exercisers to help you work those muscles! Kegel exercisers are best used with lubrication.

To help Ease Discomfort & Awaken Nerves after Breast Cancer

For those women who have or had breast cancer, with or without reconstruction, the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Whisper is a chest piece designed to help bring comfort to and awaken the nerves around the chest wall and breast area. The gentle vibrations help to calm sore muscles as well as help draw blood flow into the area, which thusly helps with healing and pain.

The best part about all of these things? Not only are they holistic and will not interfere with your medical treatment plan, but you can try them and practice using them in the privacy of your own home! What is even better is that all of these things can be shipped to you discretely and if you need assistance, our Reclaiming Intimacy team is ready to help!

So, enjoy this quarantine while you can and take hold of your sexual and intimacy needs!

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