Reclaiming Intimacy's Empower

Are you facing difficulty maintaining an erection? Since your cancer, illness or physical issues have you been dealing with some aspects of sexual dysfunction?

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Empower truly feels like an extension of you. Its realistic material mimics skin, and with the use of a compatible lubricant, provides a comfortable fit and feel for the user and their partner(s).

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Empower

Attached to the Support Extension sleeve is an enhancement ring. These rings provide added pressure to assist in maintaining an erection. Enhancement rings can be used as stand-alone aids, are worn different ways, and are great additions for those who use pumping systems and have issues achieving an erection naturally.

For more information on The Benefits of Penis Support Rings, or The Benefits of Using a Penis Pump, follow the links provided!

Empower is made to assist those who suffer from erectile difficulty and have trouble maintaining an erection. This sleeve provides additional length and solid tip, accommodating both erect and semi-erect penises.

This product assists as an aid for reclaiming your physical intimacy, for those who can achieve, but not maintain, an erection. For more information regarding erectile and sexual dysfunction & therapeutic aids, or are interested in Reclaiming Intimacy’s Erectile Support Kit, please follow the links provided!

Erectile difficulty can lead to many potential complications. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and have trouble maintaining or achieving an erection, you may also experience stress or anxiety, low self-esteem, and emotional or physical intimacy issues within a relationship. Click the link for Tips for Managing Stress with Cancer and Long-Term Illness.

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