Reclaiming Intimacy’s Beginner’s Vaginal Strengthening Kit

The use of therapeutic aids for strengthening your pelvic floor, like the use of standard exercise equipment, assists to provide relief and improvement more effectively. This kit includes everything needed to begin and continue your vaginal strengthening journey worry-free.

Therapeutic use of these products can be helpful in alleviating many symptoms due to medical issues such as vaginal dryness, narrowing of the vaginal canal, surgical scarring, and tenderness. With gradual and consistent use, you will notice a positive difference in your vaginal strength and comfort.

With the purchase of this kit, you will receive seven carefully selected products made specifically for your vaginal strengthening journey from start to finish, as well as products to assist in maintaining a comfortable and hygienic experience.

This Kit includes:

3 standard beginner dilators, as well as 2 advanced dilators with a vibrating feature to help stimulation and promote natural lubrication. Vaginal dilator therapy is useful for those who notice tightening and/or narrowing of the vaginal canal and to gradually help stretch the vaginal tissue alleviating that tightness and discomfort.

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Clean is a foam product sanitizer made specifically for use with these therapeutic aids and body safe.

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Lustrous is a vaginal moisturizer that can be used regularly each day to soothe dryness, and as a Lubricant for use with therapeutic aids or with a partner, adding additional comfort during intimacy. Made of all-natural ingredients with sensitive skin in mind.

At Reclaiming Intimacy, we know that sexual dysfunction is a difficult conversation to have with anyone, including your doctor. We are here to bridge that gap in conversation. Therapeutic aids are just one way to assist and can address the physical side effects and changes. When it comes to the topic of sexual dysfunction there is a lack of conversation, causing a loss on many important levels of intimacy beyond just the physical sides of the relationship(s).

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