Reclaiming Intimacy's Clean

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Clean is a healthier alternative to everyday soap and water! Sanitize and protect your products with our foam cleaner, eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. This therapeutic device cleaner is perfect for all of your device and body needs!

This product is a fragrance, alcohol, paraben, and triclosan free anti-bacterial cleaner designed specifically to be body-safe and work well for those who may also have skin sensitivities.

This super powered foam cleaner is enhanced with olive leaf, thyme and lavender extracts as well, making it safe for all materials yet dangerous to germs!

Because this product is a thick foam, a little goes a long way! Reclaiming Intimacy’s Clean clings to the surface of your therapeutic aid device. Once applied, coat the surface in a layer of Clean. Wait 15-30 seconds, then rinse with warm water and dry before storing.

All therapeutic aids and devices should be cleaned before and after use.

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