Reclaiming Intimacy's Commander

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Commander is a vacuum pumping system that uses water pressure to support the natural erection of your penis. This device is designed to be used by those whose length is no more than 3-5” when erect. For those seeking a pumping system that is compatible for penises of 5-7” when erect instead, please see Reclaiming Intimacy’s Colossus.

From cancer treatments, diabetes, and heart disease or surgical complications, to PTSD and depression, erectile difficulty can be caused by many different health related issues and knows no age. Due to the difficulty treatments and illness can cause, Therapeutic Aids become necessary tools that can remedy those side effects. Reclaiming Intimacy’s Commander will aid in achieving an erection, and results can be seen with continued use.
For more on What’s Behind the Dysfunction, follow the link!

If you suffer from sexual dysfunction that hinders achieving an erection, pumping systems like Commander will help! This product, when used properly, can provide the user with an additional two inches, and increase girth by up to 40%.

Once an erection is achieved with the use of these therapeutic aids, you can choose to add a support or enhancement ring to assist in maintaining your erection.
Enhancement rings, like Retain, essentially trap the blood flow in the penis, providing longer lasting effects when used alongside products like Reclaiming Intimacy’s Commander.

Please follow this link for more information on The Benefits of Penis Support Rings.

Though water is highly recommended for enhanced results, Commander can also be used without water! To properly use this product with air pressure instead, apply a compatible lubricant prior to use. With the use of warm water, Commander gives users a far more comfortable experience and assists with the elasticity of the penis during use.

Pumps are effective therapeutic aids that assist in achieving an erection, for those who have erectile difficulty. Pulling the penis into the chamber, the water or air pressure draws blood flow into the penis. Always trust your body when using a pumping system. For Pump Safety, please follow the link!

At Reclaiming Intimacy, we know that sexual dysfunction is a difficult conversation to have with anyone, including your doctor. We are here to bridge that gap in conversation. Therapeutic aids are just one way to assist and can address the physical side effects and changes. When it comes to the topic of sexual dysfunction there is a lack of conversation, causing a loss on many important levels of intimacy beyond just the physical sides of the relationship(s).

Know you are not alone! Follow this link for FAQs related to erectile difficulty, sexual dysfunction, and health. Additionally, our resource library is always available!

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