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The use of therapeutic aids for strengthening your pelvic floor, like the use of standard exercise equipment, assists to provide relief and improvement more effectively. A weakened pelvic floor can cause numerous issues within the female reproductive and waste systems. By doing simple exercises in the privacy of your own home you can strengthen while healing your vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles and re-route your pleasure sensors to be more open and receptive to intimate touch. Kegel ball sets are a simple and beneficial addition to your medical box as well as your sexual tool kit.

Our Reclaiming Intimacy Strengthen set is the perfect starter tool to help restore your pelvic floor! Includes two varied weights and sizes encased in a velvety silicone material. Soft to the touch, easy to clean, and long lasting! Like most all therapeutic aids, Strengthen requires the addition of a compatible lubricant for the most comfortable experience, and should be cleaned properly with a body safe cleaner such as Reclaiming Intimacy’s Clean.

Therapeutic use of these products can be helpful in alleviating many symptoms, such as incontinence, due to medical issues, surgeries, cancers, and cancer treatments. For more information on Incontinence & Intimacy please follow the link provided.

With gradual and consistent use, you will notice a positive difference in your vaginal strength and comfort. This graduated set has been created to tone and tighten Kegel muscles over time. The larger Kegel is for beginner use, while the smaller Kegel weight is ideal for more advanced training. Each trainer is equipped with a durable, flexible retrieval cord to allow for gentle insertion and removal.

At Reclaiming Intimacy, we know that sexual dysfunction is a difficult conversation to have with anyone, including your doctor. We are here to bridge that gap in conversation. Therapeutic aids are just one way to assist and can address the physical side effects and changes. When it comes to the topic of sexual dysfunction there is a lack of conversation, causing a loss on many important levels of intimacy beyond just the physical sides of the relationship(s). Knowing how to tackle those battles from all sides can be helpful, and what we hope to assist in doing.

Know you are not alone! Follow this link for information related to Kegel Balls and the Pelvic Floor or Reclaiming Intimacy’s Vaginal Strengthening Kit!

Additionally, our Resource Library is always available!

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