Reclaiming Intimacy's Whisper

If you suffer from discomfort, soreness, or pain in the chest area due to cancer, surgeries, or illness Reclaiming Intimacy’s Whisper can help to naturally alleviate those difficult symptoms.

This unique device is a gentle, extremely soft and flexible stimulator that rests directly on the chest. It has two ‘cups’ that are moveable to the position needed to fit in the area where the discomfort resides. It gives a gentle vibration that is suitable from the point of after surgical release from your doctor. This can help awaken the nerves in the area(s) that were damaged and regain pieces of feeling here and there without adding any medications or unnatural aspects to your treatment.

There are also medical-grade realistic, silicone, and other varieties of breast inserts/forms/prosthesis made to fit into a bra. These can help during times of transition or if you decide to forego reconstruction for the time being, or forever. These prosthesis are available in standard sizes like small, medium, and large, or can be custom-made with specific cup sizes, skin tones, and nipple enhancements. For more information on Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby or Goddess breast forms, please follow the links provided!

By taking control of your breast health and utilizing tools that can help to heal and empower you during this difficult time, you give yourself the best foot forward on getting back to yourself.

If are undergoing cancer treatments and need direction on what to ask your oncologist, we have prepared a list of important FAQs’, and more in our Resource Library.
For quick reference, please click the following links:

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At Reclaiming Intimacy, we know that sexual dysfunction is a difficult conversation to have with anyone, including your doctor. We are here to bridge that gap in conversation. Therapeutic aids are just one way to assist and can address the physical side effects and changes. When it comes to the topic of sexual dysfunction there is a lack of conversation, causing a loss on many important levels of intimacy beyond just the physical sides of any relationship.

Eases discomfort, soreness, or pain in the chest area due to cancer, surgeries, or illness.

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