Reclaiming Intimacy's Titan

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Have you lost your ability to maintain or achieve an erection? Reclaiming Intimacy’s Titan is a masturbatory therapeutic aid featuring a clear and realistic feeling TPR sleeve that warms to the touch. Always apply a quality lubricant compatible with this products material prior to use, and clean with Reclaiming Intimacy’s Clean.

This products’ case makes use of accumulation technology, which creates a suction, pulling the user into the sleeve with applied pressure. Titan has been crafted with erectile difficulty in mind. This masturbatory sleeve assists as an aid for reclaiming your physical intimacy, for those who cannot achieve or maintain an erection. For more information regarding erectile and sexual dysfunction & therapeutic aids, or are interested in Reclaiming Intimacy’s Erectile Support Kit, please follow the links provided!

Erectile difficulty can lead to many potential complications. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and have trouble maintaining or achieving an erection, you may also experience stress or anxiety, low self-esteem, and emotional or physical intimacy issues within a relationship. Reclaiming Intimacy’s educational courses are available as both a resource and guide to assist individuals, couples, and caregivers with providing solutions to a quality of life problem.

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