Self-Discovery for Him with the Satisfyer for Men

One of the biggest parts of reclaiming your intimacy after an event that has altered your “normal” sexual and intimate routines, is simply getting to know your own body again. So often after cancer, illness, or long-term use of medications, things change, and pleasureful areas might not be filled with as many good feelings as they once were. This is why self-discovery, or masturbation, is so vitally important.

Not only does masturbation help with overall recovery by boosting your mental outlook, help to release all of the good endorphins and hormones, but also provides an overall calm compared to meditation.

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration

The Satisfyer for Men offers an innovative heat function that gives users incredibly realistic pleasure, with eleven different vibration options. With three temperature settings that heat up to 104 degrees, you can pick your preferred temperature. The “tunnel” is smooth, soft medical grade silicone that is also waterproof. Using a high-quality lubrication also ensures the user a friction-free session. This hand-sized design makes one handed use easy and enjoyable and a fifteen year warranty promises you will get full use for life!

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration

The all black, hidden design allows the user to be worry free about having this item sitting on their bedside table. Rechargeable lithium batteries offer hours of use with simple USB rechargeability at any time.

If you are struggling to decide on which self-discovery product might be best for your situation, do not hesitate to reach out to our Reclaiming Intimacy experts today!

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