Self-Discovery with Finger Bullets

Self-discovery is a very beneficial activity for those who have had body changes that resulted in losing their “normal” sexual function and ability or had a change in sensation in areas of previous pleasure points. Self-discovery is the art of masturbation, which can be done alone, or with a partner(s). Self-pleasuring is linked to better overall mental health, faster healing, and promotes the release of the “good” brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Maybe you are new to masturbation and self-discovery and are now wondering where in the world you should begin…

That’s simple! All you need is your own body, your hands, and one of these handy, bullet-sized vibrators to provide a steady, calming stimulation to help you get to where you’re going. Really it is just about taking time with your whole body- not just the genitals (although that’s a great place to start!)- and experiencing the vibration in various places around the body. Certain places, like the lower abdomen, buttocks, and the backs of the thighs, are naturally more receptive to this type of intimate touch. But for some, any area of the body can be sensual, if in the right mindset.

Here are some simple options to get you started with reclaiming feeling, sensation, and pleasure with masturbation and self-discovery. Remember, when using a bullet or vibrator, one should always use a high-quality lubrication to keep the skin free from friction.

Finger Bullet Rechargeable Vibrator

If you are new to masturbation, a bullet like the Finger Bullet Rechargeable Vibrator would be a great place to start. This vibrator fits snugly around your finger and offers over one hundred massaging beads on the stimulator & clitoris stimulator. This bullet gives total control to ensure you are landing on the areas giving you the most pleasure. With ten different vibration modes and multiple speeds, you will surely find a combination that suits your desires! This is safe to use in the shower. This Finger bullet is 3.5” long and 1.5” wide.

Frisky Finger Rechargeable Bullet

Another option for controlled stimulation is the Frisky Finger Rechargeable Bullet, which gives a wider, thicker, flatter stimulation head. This bullet has two points of secured use on your finger: at the base, and around the knuckle. This bullet is a great size and shape to stimulate a man’s perineum, or “taint.” With nine speeds and vibrations, this bullet is also submersible safe- meaning you can fully use it underwater. This bullet is 4.69” long and 2” wide.

Mighty Thick Bullet

Are you a person who likes strong vibration when stimulating? The Mighty Thick Bullet is for you if that is the case! The width- over an inch- can be felt whether being used for vaginal or anal entry penetration (surface level only) or outer labial, clitoral, or testicular stimulation. The powerful yet compact bullet offers nine speeds and functions, and it fully submersible. This bullet is 3.5” long and 1.07” wide.

Purple Passion Bullet

The Purple Passion bullet vibrator is small and powerful. The seven speeds and functions, with the silky smooth texture, pair for the perfect combination to bring you right to the brink. Fully USB rechargeable and completely submersible. Simple and efficient!

Whatever type of bullet you begin with, most all are now USB Rechargeable, ridding the need for use of disposable batteries. The bullets listed here also come with a warranty. Also, remember to clean your bullet after each and every use. Reclaiming Intimacy offers the perfect cleaner for this purpose, Clean foaming cleanser.

Questions about what bullet might be best for your situation? Reach out to our Reclaiming Intimacy experts today!

Side Note: While bullets are listed in our “female” category, they can indeed be used by ANYone, ANYgender, and at ANYtime!

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