Cultural and Religious Taboos Preventing Open Patient Communication affecting Care

Cultural and Religious Taboos Preventing Open Patient Communication affecting Care 


In the years spent developing our Reclaiming Intimacy program, we have noted that many different groups, cultures, and creeds of people have numerous reasons for being unable or unwilling to express their thoughts, needs, wants, and desires about sexuality and intimacy. Even in the cases of those going through cancer treatment, where their bodies have been heavily affected by side effects, they remain silent choosing to suffer alone. This creates an informational barrier between the patient and medical care team that can eventually affect treatment. When your patient does not feel comfortable bringing to light the issues that are causing strife in their daily lives, this can in turn affect their treatment and overall healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Some of the advantages of our program are: 

  • Inclusive patient care to educate, inform, and empower about their bodies 
  • A reputable business with decades of sexual adult education experience 
  • An outlet to help ease the strain on your agency’s patient care on subjects that do not require complete medical intervention, where holistic and therapeutic aids may help or rectify a situation 

In the most basic of cultural-related situations, some do not allow women to express feelings or thoughts about their sexuality to an “unknown” male, or man that is not their spouse. And vice versa, for men with female doctors. This means that women or men facing certain types of cancer and dealing with side effects may never feel comfortable bringing up these issues with their doctor. Another common barrier is language when communicating. Due to the many language barriers and the depth of medical issues and conditions, there are many discrepancies and further misunderstandings. When it comes to sexuality and intimacy, the most common cultural taboos exist with the basic things like kissing and cuddling, up to the most-taboo subjects of masturbation, foreplay, and anal sex.  

Religiously speaking, many people are taught that the referencing of anything that has sexual connotations, or derives pleasure, is not to be done, discussed, or that it is indeed a sin or mark on their spiritual selves. This type of mentality means that your patient may have a certain amount of unfamiliarity with their own biological and physical makeup. They may be completely unaware of how their anatomy is supposed to work, or provide pleasure and react to intimacy, because growing up in their religion did not allow this type of education.  

At Reclaiming Intimacy Through HOPE, we provide a simple way to work with the cultural and religious  barriers many have in place and are unsure of how, or do not have the time, to work around. We do not base our programs on specific cultures or religions, but instead the human race. We gear our programs specifically for men and women- regardless of the size, type, color, orientation, or likes; while providing guidance, knowledge for personal empowerment, and a variety of methods of delivery to teach about the human body.  Here are some of the ways we work to provide inclusive services for all humans: 

  • Provide open forums and groups for discussion, with many options for all questions from anyone to be answered 
  • Provide lessons on how the human body works, from the basic to complex, and where pleasure sensors and receptors are 
  • Educate on how pleasure and orgasm releases soothing and relaxing body hormones that help with healing and the body’s overall well-being 
  • Provide private classes and educational services to help the patient work through their issues in the way they feel most comfortable and secure, while remaining anonymous 
  • Offer classes and educational services to anyone, with any sexual orientation, identifying as any gender, or no gender at all 
  • Work with the patient to meet their cultural and religious needs when helping them address their sexual and intimacy related dysfunction 
  • Our holistic, non-medical therapeutic aids do not interfere with cultural or religious medical rules or commandments 
  • Our staff consists of professional women and men with incredible knowledge of sexuality and intimacy, and the ability to educate in a non-threatening and open manner 

Many agencies and medical offices do not always have the time to consider their patient’s cultural or religious desires when it comes to sexuality and intimacy. For these reasons, our Reclaiming Intimacy program gives the advantage and built-in middle-man ready to help with your patient’s sexual and intimacy related needs. We are ready to help your patients overcome any cultural or religious barrier that may exist and help them to reclaim their personal intimacy and sexual needs in a way that best fits them.  


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