The Benefits of Prostate Massage


Prostate massage and stimulation therapy can be very beneficial for men dealing with erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, and urinary control and flow issues. Prostate massage therapy is one of the oldest medical techniques dating back to the 1600s and prior, before medications and sexual therapeutic aids were even invented. By learning to do self-prostate massage, you can harness your body’s own ability to help you naturally rid stagnant fluids from the prostatic duct, which can lead to the development of cancer and other penial issues in men.

There is a secret truth that many people are unaware of, or too afraid to admit to themselves. This truth is that anal sex and intimate activity can be pleasurable for any one of any creed, culture or gender. Anal pleasure is not limited to any one group of people or done in one culture alone. This highly taboo topic continues to be one of the most understood areas of the world. But the truth is, anal stimulation and pleasure can be very beneficial to the human trying it. For men, this can increase erection capabilities, strength and hardness of the erection, and help with urine issues and control. Medically speaking, prostate stimulation is another method of treatment for erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis. Women can also participate in anal sex and pleasureful activities, although there is no real medical benefit for this type of pleasure.

Prostate massage therapy is a treatment that is gaining headway and being prescribed by many more urologists and cancer specialists nationwide, after decades of avoiding this taboo therapy. This therapy can be done for medical, therapeutic or pleasure-seeking reasons. This type of massage is thought to help clear out the prostatic duct, which is the pipeline that connects the prostate to the rest of your male reproductive and urinary systems. Massaging this organ can spontaneously cause a secretion of any fluids present. This secretion can help to clear the duct of any old, stagnant fluids which can help to eliminate or lessen the issues you are facing. Numerous small case studies are being done around the globe to help further the research and knowledge base on this type of prostate massage therapy.

What conditions can prostate massage help to alleviate or prevent?

Due to the lack of established research on this type of therapy, your doctor may be hesitant to discuss or prescribe this treatment. If you are interested in this treatment, we recommend printing our information as well as other valid medical information supporting this cause and take this to your doctor to discuss.

There are certain groups of men dealing with certain medical conditions that could see some instant relief or even full relief of symptoms being experienced. Those issues that men deal with who have benefitted form prostate massage and stimulation are:

  • Painful ejaculation. This type of prostate massage therapy can break up and help release any backed-up fluids resting in the prostatic duct. This kind of stagnant fluid can cause pain when ejaculating, masturbating, or engaging in foreplay activities. By regularly clearing this fluid, this can help to decrease or fix your symptoms.
  • Erectile dysfunction. Before the medications for erectile dysfunction hit the market, men were doing this method of treatment for years. Self-stimulation alone or with other therapeutic sexual aids can also work in combination with each other.
  • Urine flow. Your prostate gland surrounds your urethra and if swelling and inflammation are troublesome for you, this can begin to interfere with your ability to urinate or control your urine flow. If gentle prostate massage helps to eliminate some of your swelling, this can rectify the urine flow issues.
  • Prostatitis. In the days before excellent antibiotics and specialized therapies for this condition, men were left to use self-massage therapy to ease their symptoms and pain. By masturbating, with or without ejaculation, this allowed the prostatic duct to drain clear, stagnant fluid out of the body.

What should I expect from prostate massage therapy treatment?

This type of prostate massage is much like a digital rectal exam, which are conducted by all types of doctors every day. These digital rectal exams are done to check for lumps, changes, or other signs of issues with the prostate or anal area. Your doctor has the ability to preform a digital rectal exam, putting pressure on your prostate, which will trigger a release of prostatic secretion that has built up in the duct. This fluid is then tested for further issues, inflammation or infection.

During the massage, only glove-covered and lubricated hands and fingers should be used. By applying pressure to the prostate gland via gentle massage or gentle, yet firm direct pressure, this can help to alleviate the symptoms and pain being felt. How frequently you have this done or do this yourself is up to you and your doctor, and the treatment plan you agree upon. Many men who have this procedure done in office go through a month-long, several-session-per-week schedule. After their desired results were achieved, they could then lessen their number of visits and treatments.

Do I need to see a specialist for prostate massage therapy, or can I do this myself?

If you are lucky enough to have a prostate massage specialist in your area, do not hesitate to meet with them, even if only once to learn how to you can do this therapy yourself. There is numerous type of prostate massagers on the market that can help you to achieve the therapy results you are trying for. Prostate massage therapy is not entirely difficult to do on your own and many men actually prefer this method. This can be a very intimate, personal experience and one that some may not want to share with a medical professional or massage therapist. As long as you take the time to learn how to use the equipment, you will enjoy and reap the benefits from this therapy for years to come.

One of the best kits on the market for those learning to do prostate stimulation therapy or looking to add some anal stimulation in to your pleasure routine, Reclaiming Intimacy’s Intensify kit provides four gentle, luxurious silicone therapeutic aids that can help to teach you and ease you in to this therapy. This basic set of aids is designed to introduce you to different feelings, shapes and sensations being inserted in to the prostate area. The Intro to Prostate kit is safe to use in the bathtub and are safely submersible. This set also comes with a how-to video with instructions to ensure the user is moving through their therapy safely.

When using these special tools for prostate massage therapy, it is imperative that you use a safe lubrication to prevent any skin tears or unnecessary friction. We also offer our Reclaiming Intimacy Satin lubrication which provides a thick barrier layer to prevent skin discomfort and is waterproof. Reclaiming Intimacy’s lubrications are not only Vegan, but latex, rubber and plastic compatible. These lubrications are also beneficial to the skin by being paraben, glycerin and additive free.

As with any new medical treatment, you should always discuss your plans with your doctor. In most all cases, numerous sessions of therapy will need to be done for the results to be felt, whether done in office or in a home setting on your own. You may also notice that your symptoms disappear or lessen while you are actively stimulating the prostate and slowly return when you slow your therapy or stop the sessions. Prostate massage therapy is typically advised in shorter time frames, with breaks and gaps in session routines.

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