Breast Cancer Prosthesis & Inserts: Part 4: Questions 

Summary: Take this list of important questions with you to your fitting for your breast inserts and prosthesis! Sometimes it is challenging to remember all of these questions and this list makes it super simple! Getting the proper fit and right prosthesis form for your body is a very important part of the process!

You may find that you have more questions about the process, the insert, or how to be more comfortable wearing them. You can always reach out to your local breast cancer center advocates, nurses, or your breast prosthesis fitter. Here are questions you may want to consider:

Questions for your breast insert fitter:

  • Do I need to wear a breast insert?
  • What kind of insert would work best for me?
  • Is there something suitable after breast-conserving surgery?
  • When can I start wearing a breast form?
  • How will wearing or not wearing a insert affect me if I have lymphoedema?
  • What can I do if I find the breast form too heavy or I have other problems?
  • How long might it take to get used to the insert?
  • Do I need to buy pocketed bras, or can I wear regular ones?
  • How long will the fitting take?
  • Can I bring a support person to the fitting?
  • If I do not want to remove my bra, is it possible to be measured for a insert and/or pocketed bra without doing so?
  • Do you have a wide range of styles and colors?
  • Can you order other styles if the ones in stock aren’t suitable?
  • Is there a insert that keeps me cool?
  • If the insert feels heavy, can I get a lighter breast form?
  • What is the price range of the inserts and bras you sell?
  • Can I wear a insert without wearing a pocketed bra?
  • How do I care for the insert?
  • What can I do if the insert I bought is not suitable?
  • What happens if I puncture my insert?
  • What is the warranty period for the insert?
  • How long will my insert last?
  • What should I do if my breast size changes before I’m due for another insert?
  • for a replacement?
  • Can I have a second copy of the receipt for my records?

Questions to ask and things to pay attention to about the fit of your breast insert:

  • Is the bra comfortable when I take a deep breath?
  • When I lean forward, is the bra sitting flat against my chest?
  • Does the insert feel secure in the bra?
  • Does the insert match my skin tone?
  • Do I feel balanced?
  • Does the surface of the bra look smooth?
  • Can I see edges of the insert sticking out of the top or sides of the bra? (If so, the bra/form isn’t the right fit.)
  • Do I like how I look with the insert in place?

Other important things to know and remember about the process of getting and becoming comfortable with wearing a breast prosthesis or insert:

  • There are many types of breast inserts to suit women’s different needs.
  • Wearing an insert may help you remain balanced and may reduce back, neck or shoulder pain. It may help to boost self-esteem after a mastectomy.
  • After surgery, you can wear a soft form made of fabric or foam. Once the wound is healed, you can buy a weighted, silicone form that feels and moves more like a natural breast.
  • Partial breast forms are also available for women who wish to fill out their bra.
  • Breast forms are available from specialist lingerie retailers, some major department stores and mobile fitting services.
  • It is advisable to make an appointment for a fitting, and to take someone for support.
  • The type of bra you wear makes a difference. It needs to fit well and be supportive. You can use your own bras and sew in a pocket, or you can buy pocketed bras.
  • Accessories and clothing such as swimwear and sleepwear are also available to make wearing a breast insert more comfortable and to give you more confidence.
  • Air travel with an insert is safe. Security screening will detect the insert, but you can ask to be screened privately by a female security officer. Inserts are exempt from rules about liquids, gels and aerosols.
  • Medicare can reimburse part of the cost of an insert. Private health insurance funds may also subsidize breast forms and pocketed bras.

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