Surgical Scarring with Cervical Cancer  

Summary: Cervical cancer treatments have the potential to leave scar tissue behind, which can upset the gentle tissues inside of the vaginal canal. When these tissues are disturbed or disrupted, cell damage triggers the body to overproduce cells, thusly forming scar tissue. When this happens after cervical cancer treatment, it can cause sore, dry tissues and an internal discomfort that leaves most women struggling to describe. Thankfully there are natural, holistic therapies and devices that can work with your body to get it back on track. Here you can read about the different methods for helping to ease scar tissue build up, discomfort, and learn how to restore moisture and function to your tired tissues and muscles.

If you have had cervical cancer, you doctor most likely treated you with one of the following methods: cryosurgery, laser surgery, conization, or a hysterectomy. Any or all of these methods can cause internal scar tissue and muscle damage left after surgery and treatment which both have the potential to cause discomfort, tight and unmovable tissues, and in some cases, pain.

Scar tissue is common after any surgery or body alternation. Scar tissue builds because the body’s healthy cells have been disrupted and disturbed, causing the body to overproduce scar tissue cells. The trouble begins when these already extremely sensitive tissues of the vagina and cervix begin to become irritated, tighten, and become immobile. This can cause any woman undue pain, discomfort and stress.

Thankfully there are simple things that you can do in the privacy of your own home to help ease your tissues back to functioning again. Consider these tips and suggestions to help revive your tissues and lessen the strength of the scar tissue that formed after your cervical cancer treatment and surgery.

  • Restore your natural moisture. After treatment, which may have included chemo and radiation, plus numerous other medications and surgery and you may be wondering how there is any moisture at all! The great news is that there is a perfect moisturizer lubricant that is designed for daily use (multiple times, if you need) that will not interfere with your medical treatment plan! Reclaiming Intimacy’s Lustrous is not only extremely useful but beneficial to your body and dry, struggling tissues! Our Lustrous was created for women who are experiencing regular or periodic dryness due to menopause, medication, surgical interference, or any other reason. Lustrous will provide long lasting, natural comfort with only a few drops. A proprietary blend of natural moisturizers, including natural extracts of Carrageenan, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E creates a natural feeling moisturizer that emulates your body’s own natural lubrication. Lustrous does not contain any parabens, DEA, or sulfates, and is always 100% vegan friendly.
  • If you find that you need a thicker, longer lasting moisturizing lubrication, consider trying the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Satin, as this lubrication is a silicone waterproof hybrid that will last on the skin even longer to prevent friction and discomfort.
  • Relax and stretch tight, sore tissues. Around the areas where you had your surgery, you might find the tissue to be slightly sore and that it feels like it will not easily move or stretch. After you have tried using Lustrous, you might find that you need more direct help for this scar tissue. Your doctors may have spoken to you about using a dilator set to help flex, stretch and widen the vaginal canal. Dilator sets are made to help keep your vaginal canal open and tissues pliable. Reclaiming Intimacy’s Rejuvenate dilator set comes with three varying sizes with easy-hold finger loops on the end. For those who like vibration, or need extra relief from tense muscles and nerves, the Reclaiming Intimacy’s Revitalize dilator set comes with two varying sizes and a small vibrator that inserts into the actual dilator to provide calming, muscle relaxing stimulation. This type of therapy is used to improve vaginal elasticity and revitalize sexual arousal, while helping strengthen all surrounding tissues and muscle. Dilator therapy is usually done on a routine schedule from weeks to months to years of active exercise to help keep this vital area pliable, moisturized and working properly.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor. After you have revived your tired tissues with moisturizing lubrication and begun to stretch and retrain your tissues, you may be ready to begin to strengthen the area once again. By utilizing your body’s natural mechanisms, you can exercise your vaginal wall and tissues by doing Kegel exercises. These exercises can be done by flexing and releasing the very same muscles you use when you urinate. By starting and stopping the flow of urine, you are using your Kegel muscles and working them to be stronger. Reclaiming Intimacy’s Strengthen Kegel exercise set is perfect for this beginning use! These premium silicone Kegel weights assist to train and tone Kegel muscles, increasing sexual satisfaction, sensual stimulation, and pelvic floor strength with every use. The graduated set has been created to tone and tighten Kegel muscles over time. The larger Kegel is for beginner use, while the smaller Kegel weight is ideal for more advanced training. Each trainer is equipped with a durable, flexible retrieval cord to allow for gentle insertion and removal.

If you are struggling with tight, tense, and sore muscles or tissues after your cervical cancer surgery and treatment, do not hesitate to reach out to your doctor and ask about these holistic, natural therapies.

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