The Positives of Menopause

Menopause- the nemesis of many women. It’s that tricky thing that many women call the “terrible phase” of life that no women ever seem to really want to discuss. Even less men will address the issues often happening right in front of them to their partner. Truth be told, menopause is not a picnic nor a spa-like vacation resort. This “change of life” is NOT the end of life! There are parts of menopause that can have a glimmer, shiny and happy light. There are positives to menopause and here is our list of reasons why it is okay to welcome menopause, hesitantly, with a smile! (And yes, some of these reasons are slightly sarcastic.) 

  • No more periods! That’s right! When menopause begins, your periods may become irregular. Not just off a day or two, but they could change to once every few months, or every few days, or become sparse and only happen twice a year. After the initial beginning phases of menopause, your periods will simply disappear! That means swimming and intimate activities whenever you heart desires! 
  • Weight Gain. Menopause often triggers a slight increase in weight in certain areas of the body like the buttocks and breast area of the chest. This can increase your bust size or change the looks of your derriere! For some women, however, the weight has no set distribution and just comes on everywhere.  
  • Hot flashes. You’ll be the proud new owner of a shiny, red-hot face and sweat rings under your arms! The best part about this is that it will look just like you left the gym after a serious workout sesh. Hot flashes will also help with your bills, as your heating bill will decrease because you can now heat your entire house!  
  • Loss of Libido. If you’re a lady who often has to fake headaches or body ailments to get out of intimate time with your partner, you now have a reason. Although, here at Reclaiming Intimacy, we tend to steer you away from avoiding intimate time. If you’re facing vaginal dryness or other issues, please reach out to our team to find holistic and simple solutions to help fix your troubles. 
  • Memory loss. It makes you feel as if you’ve lost your mind, even though you know it’s up there somewhere! Be sure to carry a notebook or two to write down important things from work and life. From this moment on, you can not trust your brain to do its job correctly. 
  • The baby making machine is closed! No more birth control (unless for some other medical issue) and no more huge monthly costs for feminine care products!  
  • Mood Swings. You may notice you’re swinging from Cinderella to Cruella DeVile in mere minutes.  You may be crying at hilarious or stupid situations, and laughing your way through awkward, non-funny times. If you feel like you’ve lost control, that just means the menopause is happening correctly and on point.  
  • Dry skin. Hello, desert! Now is when you’ll begin to try different moisturizers and lotions for every area on your body. You’ll hope that each will do the trick but will find that there is no one best variety. You’ll spend time itching and picking small skin pieces off of your face.  
  • Insomnia. Your workday will become four hours longer because you’ll only be able to meet with Mister Sandman for three to four hours a night. The good news is that the lack of sleeping time will result in you getting all of your to-do lists done in record time and you’ll now have the time to start a new hobby. 
  • Fatigue. While you may be sleeping four hours a night, waking up feeling ready to go- you’ll find that you have daytime narcolepsy each early afternoon. This supposed after-lunch nap will require you to have a snack or caffeine boost to stay upright and focused.  

Now, there there. Menopause isn’t going to take you out! It’s just another of life’s big tests for women to prove their badassery. That’s right. Women are tough, strong, fierce and the world depends on us to keep our population growing.  

If you’re going through menopause and struggling with symptoms and side effects, do not wait to talk to your doctor about your treatment options and holistic things that can help ease the transition. Embrace your womanhood! It’s a goal not all women are lucky enough to reach! 


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