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Sharing a Vision for Sexual Empowerment & Quality of Life

Experience, passion, and dedication to personal care is the fuel in our tank! We believe we provide products and services that make us special. You can trust we will work hard to create strategies to help you to reclaim intimacy…and support you all the way!

Our team shares a vision of sexual empowerment and quality of life for each and every person. Each of us are united in answering the call to serve. Providing people and their partners with effective strategies, support, and encouragement are where we find fulfillment.

Each and every conversation we can re-frame, addressing the effects of cancer and illness on the sexual self, we know we are one step closer to changing the medical community. We work to end people feeling ashamed, isolated, and silent while suffering with uncertainty. We are your dream team who will help you to make that goal a reality in reclaiming your sexuality and intimacy needs and desires in life.

Jen Fecher

Director of Educational Services

844-407-4673 x 5002

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Jen’s mission is to treat the whole person individually. She wants to teach people to go the symptoms and find the best avenues to wellness and restoring intimacy. She teaches what sexual changes to expect from your cancer, illness, or issues causing dysfunction, so you can create strategies to heal, overcome & reclaim intimacy in your life. Her passions are sharing knowledge, her ability to reach the unreachable, forming true connections, constantly learning, and empowering people with information, products, tips and new ideas for intimacy, connection, and sexual intercourse. Get unrivaled support from a person who gets a complete understanding of the situation, as well as medical complications & chaos, and will help you get answers when you have questions.

Jen currently holds degrees in Education and Business from PFW (formerly IPFW) and is slowly working towards her AASECT certification through the University of Michigan in her spare time. She has worked in the adult sexual education field for over 16 years.
Certifications held: Real Life Institute Love, Sex, & Power 2019-2020; Certified CCTS-I training 2022; Evolutionary Relationships 2020; HIPAA Security Officer 2022


Tim Straley

President / CEO


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Tim has designed, launched, and been a part of several successful businesses. He has been a part of the business community for over two decades, starting his entrepreneurial endeavors in his early 20s. As an innovator, he sees where there is a need and boldly produces unique ventures. His can-do attitude and enthusiasm keep those around him inspired, seeking to be the best they can, and on the right track. He is always serving those around him with integrity while leading with humility.


Megan Goble

Stephanie Todich