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Overcome Sexual Dysfunction

Every person reacts to illness and treatment individually, presenting unique challenges and solutions. Wellness plans, strategies using our products and services, are personalized based on the individual to maximize healing through treatment. Any human, caregiver, advocate, and medical professional all work together to restore whole body wellness even though they experience cancer & illness from different vantage points. Each group within the medical community has its own unique challenges when it comes to dysfunction & sexual health. Reclaiming Intimacy provides solutions and long-term strategies benefiting everyone working toward healing the patient.


We provide answers to the questions many are afraid to ask with articles, training, online tools, and educational opportunities in a variety of settings. Reclaim your sexual health and learn in a way that best for you. Our educators also provide custom plans to get survivors and their partners on the road to success. The greatest success stories come from survivors who had determination & and goals that include a critical long-term strategy. Let us help put you on a path to healing and reclaiming your intimacy.


We offer a multitude of products, also known as therapeutic aids, to improve sexual health and and options for combating sexual dysfunction. Our products, available for both men and women, have been hand selected by our experts based on design, engineering, and medically exceed expectations with medical-related therapy. Some of our products may qualify for insurance reimbursement. Your provider can verify if your personal insurance plan details. Typically products covered by insurance need an “L-code,” along with your receipt of purchase and prescription for the device from your doctor for self-filing. Our products, as part of a strategic wellness plan, are a vital part of restoring your sexual health.


Create Unlimited Opportunities- As a totally unique organization, we are actively reaching out to medical care teams, cancer advocacy personnel, as well as support groups to include Reclaiming Intimacy as a resource. These referrals are critical to changing the conversation to include personal intimacy and sexual rehabilitation through cancer and illness.
Because we have a variety of products, services, and a wealth of resource materials, we have unique challenges. Although there are organizations that provide parts of what we do, we are finding that we need to thoroughly and clearly tell our story because we are one of a kind. By design, Reclaiming Intimacy is a resource throughout the entire cancer & illness journey offering solutions, strategies, and support.


Embracing Change & New Possibilities-
We help people and their partners connect in ways they never thought possible after receiving a diagnosis. In far too many cases, relationships suffer when coming together is vital. Roles change, family dynamics change, bodies change, minds change…and both partners mourn the loss because their dreams of the future change. When moving from “what isn’t” to “what can be” the possibilities are endless. Reclaiming Intimacy helps strengthen the partner-partner connection through illness and countless changes.


One Conversation at a Time- People typically start their journey unaware of how surgery, illness and treatments impact their sexuality. Most physicians do not address sexual dysfunction while advocate agencies are in desperate need of resources and training. Unfortunately, the absence of those conversations have left a critical part of personal care & healing unaddressed.
We are in a very unique position, standing in the gap between people and their medical care providers. The communication breakdown has left a deafening silence and we are working hard to tear down those walls. Having those critical conversations, offering a variety educational services, and providing a wide selection of therapeutic products and devices, we focus toward helping the person heal, overcome, and reclaim the most intimate parts of the self.


We want to hear about how cancer & illness have effected life after the diagnosis. We also want to hear from caregivers, advocates,
family, & medical professionals lending love & support. By sharing your story, you’ll give encouragement and support
giving strength in numbers as we fight cancer together. View the effects of cancer from various vantage points …

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