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Educational Services

Educational Services

Educational Services

We help people reclaim their intimacy and sexual wellness by empowering them with information and education.  We work to help take away the unknown by providing answers, wellness strategies, and effective holistic therapies for combating sexual dysfunction & intimacy issues.  Learn through our educational recorded sessions with our partners & medical professionals, articles, resource library, and free monthly Open House webinars to better understand sexual health and intimacy through illness.


We also offer educational options for Medical Professionals that cover the importance of educating patients on sexual dysfunction and holistic options available to help restore sexual functions for men and women. To find out more about these services, please contact our Director or Educational Services, Jen.

 Introduction to Reclaiming Intimacy - Free Online Course

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Free Online Introduction Course

Reclaiming Intimacy’s “Introduction to Reclaiming Intimacy” online course is offered for free via our online course platform. This course can be taken at any time and gives a great introduction and overview of what we offer. This course is also perfect for our partners and organizations to help their staff better understand how to refer their clients to us!

Latest Educational Videos

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