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  • Self-Discovery with Masturbatory Devices for Penis Owners

    The changes that happen to the physical body due to cancer, illness, or surgical intervention can hinder ability, function, and cause sexual dysfunction. While there are options for men to combat these issues in the form of prescription medications and surgical intervention, there are also a myriad of holistic options and therapies that can be

  • Multiple Sclerosis: Intimacy & Sexual Dysfunction

    For those men and women who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, not only do they struggle to find their new “normal” getting their footing in everyday life but are also often facing struggles with intimacy and sex. Intimacy and sexual activity have been proven to boost health and wellness by reducing stress,

  • PUMP up the Jam! Which Air Pump is Best for Your Erectile Dysfunction?

    For many men who lose their ability to achieve and maintain an erection throughout their lives, they will turn to one of many options to help restore that lost function. Their doctors might tell them about all of the medicinal options available by prescription, or they may tell them all about how penile implants work,

  • Couples Foreplay: Sensations & Lubrications

    For some couples, connecting again after a stressful or chaotic time in their lives can be very challenging- especially when it comes down to intimacy, foreplay, or sexual acts. More challenging to be facing down the likes of cancer, or other body-altering illnesses that steal their sexual abilities and normal “routine” intimacy. Aside from the

  • Prostate Massage & Stimulation: The Benefits and Devices

    Prostate massage has been practiced since the earliest years of man living on Earth. While it is not a widely accepted method of treatment to help reduce pain, help to drain built up toxins, or to trigger pleasure points- all of these things are true, and more! Integrative medicine doctors and Urology specialists are most

  • Self-Discovery with Finger Bullets

    Self-discovery is a very beneficial activity for those who have had body changes that resulted in losing their “normal” sexual function and ability or had a change in sensation in areas of previous pleasure points. Self-discovery is the art of masturbation, which can be done alone, or with a partner(s). Self-pleasuring is linked to better

  • Self-Discovery for Him with the Satisfyer for Men

    One of the biggest parts of reclaiming your intimacy after an event that has altered your “normal” sexual and intimate routines, is simply getting to know your own body again. So often after cancer, illness, or long-term use of medications, things change, and pleasureful areas might not be filled with as many good feelings as

  • Kegel Exercise Therapy: Duo Balls & Mono Balls

    For many women facing pelvic floor dysfunction issues like incontinence or organ prolapse, practicing Kegel exercise with specialized exercisers can help to restore lost function. These exerciser “balls” are designed to be inserted in to the vagina and held in place using the pelvic floor muscles and focus. Repeated use of these Kegel exercising balls

  • Curve Rechargeable Vibrator: Pelvic Floor Internal Massage

    For many female reproduction system owners, there are many issues that might arise that require pelvic floor therapy. This therapy is designed to help strengthen, or relax, the pelvic floor which is responsible for bladder and bowel control, intimacy and orgasm function, internal organ support, and more. For certain types of therapy, inserting a wand-like

  • Essential Questions to Ask Patients about Sexual History & Dysfunction

    In many situations, patients have questions that need answers, but lack the confidence or comfort to bring these topics up for themselves at their medical appointments. This is why it is vital to ensure that questions about sexual health, wellness, and any issues with sexual dysfunction are addressed by the medical professional or staff upon

  • What is Sexual Dysfunction?

    Have you ever found yourself in an intimate situation with your partner but then were unable to perform? Things just did not seem to want to work the way they use to? Or maybe you thought things were okay, but as you began, it was clear things were very off. Sexual dysfunction is a problem

  • Partner Highlight: Dr. Riva Preil & Women’s Pelvic Floor Health

    We recently welcomed Dr. Riva Preil from Revitalize Physical Therapy to our Reclaiming Intimacy partner family. She offers a myriad of information and knowledge in regard to women’s pelvic health and issues that arise throughout their lifespan. Her book, The Inside Story, gives an expansive and insightful base for vagina-owners to better understand their bodies

  • Partner Support through your Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Journey

    from OrthoPelvic At OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy (a primarily pelvic health physical therapy clinic for women and men) we encourage spouses/partners to come to at least one session to help them understand what their loved one is going through and to be a part of their recovery plan. Pictured is one of our patients and her

  • Spontaneous Premature Ovarian Failure

    Spontaneous premature ovarian failure occurs when the ovaries cease their function before the age of forty. Once this occurs, the ovaries are not producing the normal amounts of estrogen or releasing eggs regularly. Diagnosing this condition and beginning treatment can help to prevent further complications that occur due to low levels of estrogen, like osteoporosis.

  • Menopause Series: Side Effects & Sexual Dysfunction, Part Three

    With menopause comes a variety of side effects, issues, and problems that can directly affect sexual function, causing bouts of dysfunction. Some of these issues and effects may improve over time, or with the help from medications. Some of the most common side effects and issues that accompany menopause are: Hot flashes. These are one

  • Menopause Series: Diagnosis & Treatments, Part Two

    Menopause is the cessation of ovarian function in the female life cycle. It is most often diagnosed in menstruators over 45 years based on a person’s symptoms and changes in cycle. The diagnosis is obvious if a person has had their ovaries removed, or damaged in some altering way. In some cases, a “symptom score

  • Menopause Series: The Basics, Part One

    Upon the start of menopause, a woman faces the loss of ovarian follicles, resulting in the cessation of cyclical estrogen and progesterone creation. Menopause refers to the final menstrual period in the persons lifetime. When a person has had no periods for twelve consecutive months, they are then considered postmenopausal. For most women, this occurs

  • Benefits of Revitalize

    Revitalize is a set of two different sized dilators that works to help you to restore your pelvic floor and vaginal health. These probes are also outfitted with a small vibrator to help to relax the user and their muscles. Dilators are to be used gradually and at a comfortable pace dependent on individual