Physical & Pelvic Floor Therapists & Offices

ATL Pelvic Health

ATL Pelvic Health is a boutique pelvic floor physical therapy clinic focused on providing care to address bladder, bowel and sexual health concerns. We provide both one hour in person or virtual initial assessments as well as follow up visits. At the initial appointment we will sit down and talk through your medical history, ask you lots of questions, and then do a head to toe assessment to figure out the root cause of your symptoms. Follow up visits focus on progressing your plan of care to help you reach your goals. Our clinic is located in Decatur, Georgia and we serve the greater Atlanta area.

Body Harmony Physical Therapy

We are a physical therapy clinic specializing in pelvic health and orthopedic conditions. We spend up to one hour long treatment sessions in private treatment rooms working directly with a physical therapist. Body Harmony PT is located in downtown Manhattan across from the Brooklyn Bridge.



Bercutt Physical Therapy

At Bercutt Physical Therapy, we offer a unique physical therapy experience. We guarantee one on one treatment sessions in a private facility located centrally in West University Place in Houston, Texas. After a cancer diagnosis, the focus is rightfully on getting rid of the cancer. But what happens after the cancer treatment? Physical Therapy is a bridge between the cancer diagnosis and the rest of your life. We offer pelvic floor therapy, lymphedema and scar tissue management, and sexual specific exercises to get you back to your life. We are committed to getting you back to LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.

Genesis Physical Therapy & Wellness

Genesis PT & Wellness is a holistic pelvic floor therapy practice including a team of specialty physical, occupational, and massage therapists. Our therapists have completed advanced coursework and training in topics pertaining to Women’s Health and Pelvic Health for females, males, and children. Our specialties include pregnancy related aches and pains, preparation for labor and delivery, postpartum rehabilitation, pelvic floor dysfunction in both women and men, chronic pain, and pediatric pelvic health and potty training. It is our passion to come alongside you on your journey to health, wellness, and optimal function in your day-to-day life. We strive to change the way pelvic floor therapy is presented, understood, and utilized throughout all stages of life.
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

The Vagina Whisperer

Online, on-demand pelvic floor fitness programs for pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic pain, painful sex, prolapse, Diastasis Recti, and pelvic floor weakness. Designed by a board-certified Women’s Health Physical Therapist and mom of 2. One-on-one, online consults are also available.
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana with telehealth/online services


Vibrant Pelvic Health

Dr. Brianne Grogan graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, in 2006. Soon after starting her physical therapy career, Bri specialized in pelvic health… and she’s never looked back! Her post-doctoral training includes coursework and certifications with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Women’s Health, the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Holistic Pelvic Care™ with Tami Kent, Pelvic Floor Yoga™ with Leslie Howard, and more. Bri became a 200-hour certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in 2017 and was recently certified as a Yin Yoga instructor as well. Today, Bri works with clients both in-person and online. She leads a global online community, helping people all over the world with a special emphasis on incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain. Overcome Pelvic Pain for Women is a 12-week online course designed to help women with pelvic pain and excessive pelvic tension resolve their symptoms and get back to a pain-free, vibrant life… all from the comfort of home. Start your first week of Overcome for free!

Location: Online Resource

Ortho Pelvic

OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy is a primarily pelvic health physical therapy clinic out of Sterling, Virginia. OrthoPelvic empowers through education to help active women and men get rid of bladder leakage, pelvic pain (pain with intercourse, low back pain, or hip pain) and regain confidence in their body to get back to the activities and workouts they love. OrthoPelvic serves patients both in person and remotely through telehealth.

Location: Virginia, with telehealth and online services



Restore Your Core

Restore Your Core Physical Therapy provides high-quality care for individuals with orthopedic, pelvic floor, and women’s and men’s health issues. Our doctorly prepared physical therapists utilize manual therapy and have specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Our therapists individually evaluate each client, create a customized rehab program, and provide extensive education. Our therapists coach every client throughout each step of rehab to empower them in their recovery process as they meet their individual goals and ultimately improve their overall quality of life. At Restore Your Core Physical Therapy, our highly educated and experienced therapists deliver one-on-one hands-on care specific to the clients’ needs. The environment is comfortable and insures privacy. Choosing Restore Your Core Physical Therapy means the therapist dedicated to helping you is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is highly educated in orthopedic and pelvic health diagnoses!

Location: Carmel/Greenwood, Indiana and offering Telehealth services


Practical Healing Center

Practical Healing uses a functional, holistic approach to wellness. We believe sexual health is a very important part of your well-being and that there are many factors that play a role in healthy intimacy. Our comprehensive team exists to support all of your needs- emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. We would love to meet with you to discover how we can help.
Complimentary curiosity calls can be booked by visiting our website.
Location: Ohio



PWR Physio

PWR Physio believes in treating the whole person, using a hands-on approach to help achieve your treatment goals. We believe in looking beyond the symptom to find the root cause of pain and dysfunction. Through a team of specially trained occupational and physical therapists, we provide treatment for pelvic floor conditions for men and women such as bladder leakage and pelvic pain, including pain with intercourse, and related low back and hip pain. We also address postpartum complications, pelvic organ prolapse, postmenopausal concerns, sexual health, and more. Our holistic, educational, in-person treatment plans are individualized to meet your needs. Call us today to find out how PWR Physio can get you back on your path to wellness and living your best life. 
Location: Kansas