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Reclaiming Intimacy - Prostate Cancer Learning Center

If you have been diagnosed, it is critical to know what to expect. Learn as much as possible about how your body will change, possible treatment methods, side effects, options to reclaim and regain natural function, and understand the processes to restore sexual function. It is important to strengthen and nurture the connection with yourself and your partner by openly communicating, seeking their emotional support, and redefining intimacy.


We help you find answers to your questions while providing tools to help better understand your cancer diagnosis and changing body. Our goal is to help anyone touched by cancer or illness with finding critical information, to become well-informed, and create a personal plan to successfully overcome dysfunction. Reclaiming Intimacy provides a multitude of products specifically created to help patients overcome dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction is the most common side effect after cancer and certain illnesses. Surgery, radiation therapy and other treatments impact sexual health, causing challenges like low sex drive, loss of length, dry orgasm, low sperm counts or lost functionality & ability. Reclaiming Intimacy offers a multitude of educational resources, classes, webinars, and video tutorials to improve & maximize sexual health.


Benefits of Erectile Support Kits

The products in this kit were carefully selected to aid in achieving and maintaining an erection, and results can be seen with continued use.

Benefits of Prostate Strengthening Kits

The use of therapeutic aids for re-strengthening the prostate and for the dilation of the anal canal my offer relief and improve quality of life.

Using Reclaiming Intimacy’s Extend

For difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, Extend can help. This Therapeutic Aid was designed to assist in maintaining physical intimacy.

Assistance from Erectile Vacuum Pump Systems

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Colossus is an erectile Pump that will aid in achieving an erection, and results can be seen with continued use.