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Reclaiming Intimacy

Double-Sided Tape 24ct

Double-Sided Tape 24ct

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Safe, Secure, and Reusable

      • Directions for Use
        • Your skin must be as clean as possible
        • Bathe using a white anti-bacterial soap, such as Lever 2000 or Dial antibacterial soap.
        • Cleanse your chest with exfoliating cream
        • As a last step, you may wipe away your skin with alcohol
        • Skin Tac Wipes may be used on tapes to improve adhesion
      • Application to the breast form
        • Place the tape at the top of the breast form. A second tape can be cut in half and used on each side of the form, in the upper half. You may need to use 3 or 4 tapes for larger forms. Please wear your forms with a bra for the first 15 minutes after application
      • Removing Double-sided tapes
        • Carefully remove breast forms from your chest. It is best to slip your fingers between your chest and forms to slowly ease the forms off.
        • Use caution when removing tapes from breast forms. Be careful that you do not tear the back of your form or puncture them with a sharp fingernail.
        • Let a few layers of tape build upon form before removing only the top layers.
      • Reusing Double-sided Tapes
        • After removing forms from chest, wipes tapes with Skin Tac Wipe. Allow to “tack up” and the tapes are now reusable! This step can be repeated until tapes are no longer sticky.
        • After using Skin Tac Wipes, store the wipe in a plastic bag. When the wipe is dry, refresh with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.
  • Discontinue Use Immediately If Skin Irritation Occurs.
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