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Reclaiming Intimacy

Premiere Collection Nipples

Premiere Collection Nipples

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Reclaiming Intimacy's™ Premiere Collection Nipples:

Sizing Information:

Areola: 1 5/8 inches across
Nipple: 1/2 inches across
1/4 inches protrusion

Areola: 1 3/4 inches across
Nipple: 1/2 inches across
1/4 inches protrusion

Areola: 2 3/8 inches across
Nipple: 5/8 inches across
3/8 inches protrusion

Product Information:

  • Soft silicone with no shine to look like skin
  • Adheres to skin and breast forms
  • Semi-hollow nipples fit over breast form
  • Self-adhering design
  • easy to position and re-position without glues
  • Retail-ready packaging
  • Hand crafted
  • Every pair are unique
  • Safe to adhere directly to your skin or breast form
  • The silicone gel is specially designed to look like real skin with no shine
  • Washable and reusable design will last for years
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Allow two to four weeks for delivery.

For information regarding special order sizes and color options not listed, please contact Reclaiming Intimacy™ directly.

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