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Reclaiming Intimacy

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Enhance

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Enhance

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Reclaiming Intimacy's™ ultra-stretchy silicone rings are thick and durable for versatile use. This three-piece set is comprised of:

Medium: .75”,

Large: 1” and

XL: 1.25”

sized penile rings designed to increase support & stamina. Enhance fits around the base of the penis, or the penis and testicles (with lubrication), and applies pressure to the surrounding area.

This pressure squeezes the blood vessels that carry blood out of the penis and causes blood to leave more slowly. If you have erectile difficulties, then your body cannot keep enough blood in the penis to keep an erection going.


  • White
  • Silicone
  • Phthalate Free
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Measurements: 1" / 2.5cm (Large Ring Diameter) 0.75" / 2cm (Medium Ring Diameter) 1.25" / 3.25cm (XL Ring Diameter)

Reclaiming Intimacy Products & L-Codes for Insurance Self-Filing

L7902- Tension Rings (to be used with vacuum erection device, any type, replacement only)

Some of our products may qualify for a reimbursement from your insurance company. To verify this, contact your insurance company directly to check on your personal plan details. If the product is covered, you will need the “L-code,” along with your receipt of purchase and prescription for the device from your doctor; along with any form required by your insurance company. (Many insurance companies require a “reimbursement form” from their company.) This sheet in no way guarantees that the therapeutic device purchased will or will not be covered by your insurance. Any questions regarding your insurance coverage should be directed to your insurance company. We do NOT file insurance.

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