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Reclaiming Intimacy

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Intensify

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Intensify

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Beaded Stimulator: Length: 3.5 inches Width: 1 inch

Prostate Stimulator: Length: 4.5 inches Width: 1.25 inches

Plug C-ring Probe: Length: 3.75 inches Width: 1.5 inches

Vibrating Probe: Length: 5.6 inches Width: 1 inch

For beginners to advanced users, Reclaiming Intimacy's™ Intensify is a prostate massaging kit that can be a helpful alternative therapy for those suffering from erectile difficulty, as well as assist in the natural erection of the penis. Through prostate massage, blood flow to the penis is encouraged, which releases more oxygen and nutrients that enhance erection, and built up toxins can be relieved. At Reclaiming Intimacy™, we do offer education & information on prostate massage therapy.

This kit includes 4 unique satin-soft therapeutic aids designed to stimulate the prostate gland. Each aid is made from luxurious body-safe silicone and progresses from gently curved beads with hands-free suction cups, to bulbs with attached enhancement rings, and a vibrating massager for added stimulation. Each product is waterproof and can be easily cleaned after use with Reclaiming Intimacy’s™ Clean. Due to the intended use of these products, we strongly recommend the use of a hybrid lubricant compatible with silicone materials. Two year warranty.

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